Wyre Forest Engagement Photo Shoot

Wyre Forest Engagement Photo Shoot Worcestershire Photographers

It’s hard to believe there are snowy Winters in England, but this year it happened. We must have had every season in one day, as it quickly went from rainy to being really nice and sunny to suddenly snowing. But Asha and Ralph were absolutely amazing during the entire Wyre Forest engagement photo shoot, as they kept their smiles throughout the day!

Both being in the medical field, we talked a lot about babies ( she wants to have at least 7!! – well, good luck with that, girl!!) and also about planning weddings, of course! They get to do this twice – once at their Plas Dinam wedding in April (on my birthday to be precise) and another one later in the year, which would be an Indian wedding, as Asha’s side of the family are Indian. Who would say no to amazing food and great times – twice??

What a treat to get to meet this people, have loads of laughs and also to get to shoot their wedding in Wales!

Wyre Forest engagement photographer – Green Antlers Photography


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