Any of you had sleepless nights and then a great idea was born?

This is what happened to us on a night after we shot a wedding abroad. We were tired but so pumped up about a new seed that was planted that day – a photo booth business.

To be fair, we had never thought of this before and quite honestly, we weren’t too keen on photo booths, either. That’s because we never really saw one that truly stood out! We had seen plenty of DIY photo booths or big boxes hidden behind curtains so we stayed far away from those corners during the wedding day.

But this time, we saw a photo booth that made everyone excited and goofy, with a really cool design, and got everyone talking!

Now that was something so refreshing to see and our brains started working. Funny enough, both of us got very excited about this new idea at the same time!
That moment, it wasn’t a matter of IF we should jump in, but a question of WHEN do we start? And the answer is always NOW.

We better fail at things we believed in than to never try.

So ever since, all we did was to plan and research and test and come up with creative ways to add this new side of our business to what we were already doing.

cotswolds photo booth hire for weddings and events

On the 1st of April, Mad Hat Photo Booth was born! It may be April fools day, but not for us! 

We’ve just launched the website and all the emotions and funny feelings are going through our heads. We’ve got lots of big plans for this little business, though!

gifs with photos by mad hat photo booth , Cotswolds based photo booth hire


We’re wedding photographers who simply saw too many boring photo booths. Time for that to change!


Mad Hat Photo Booth came up after hours of brainstorming! We hope to create a crazy fun experience, a bit “mad” like Alice in Wonderland stories. We want to create characters and scenes so fun and beautiful, it would feel like a dream!


Mad Hat Photo Booth is mainly serving The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Birmingham and a bit beyond so do get in touch if your wedding is in any of these places.


We’re creatives so constantly trying to reinvent ourselves and to make this the most fun and stylish photo booth experience for any wedding or event!
Always in search of new backdrops, fun props without the cheese, and friendly booth attendants who are there to help every step of the way and even wear a hat or two!


The list is very long here. Whether you need a photo booth for your Bar Mitzvah of a birthday party, or it’s a wedding day you want to add some fun too, we’ll be there. We’re also really excited to be serving corporate events or brand launches, any party or gathering that needs an ice breaker of a nice memory to give to your guests, we can offer that! We’ll also make sure you have a super friendly photo booth attendant so your guests feel well looked after!

wedding party at lapstone barn with mad hat photo booth

If you’re looking for a really fun photo booth that’s not just a box hiding in a corner behind pulled curtains, that’s us. We’re very excited to attend your wedding or corporate event or whatever it may be!

Thank you so much for your trust and for booking us, of course!


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