What to Put in a Wedding Bathroom Basket

Ideas for what to put in a wedding bathroom basket for guests


Have you ever been to the restroom during the wedding and discovered a little “amenity basket” for you? Wasn’t that a treat? Not only did you find something to freshen up, but also really useful things in case of “emergency”.

We see these wedding bathroom baskets at about 80% of the weddings we attend. Let me tell you, we remember those ones. Taking a very small budget to make your guests feel looked after, goes a long way!

We made a list of the most popular and useful things to have in the bathroom basket for your guests. Some can be bought from a drugstore or supermarket but the easiest and quickest way would be to get all at once on Amazon. Save your List there or just order it all in one go and you have one more thing off your list!


Wedding Bathroom Basket Ideas

Amazon basket

Etsy basket

Tk Maxx Basket


There are plenty of places where you can get a basket for something like this. Maybe you already have a few you don’t really use at home. This doesn’t need to fit with any wedding theme, just has to be practical.

There is no right or wrong. Even a crate or a box with work for this. My favorite place to get baskets is Tk Maxx if you want to try there as well.

You could even find some premade bathroom basket ideas but they are so ridiculously expensive in my opinion. Getting everything on Amazon is a much more affordable and practical option. There are plenty of other things to invest more in.


Here is our list of things we recommend you consider for the bathroom basket. You can pick and choose, but they are all extremely useful and your guests will thank you!


Wedding Bathroom Basket Checklist

For boys

Stain remover pen

Hand sanitiser

Hand lotion

Hair gel

Clear plasters






Dental floss

For girls

Stain remover pen

Bobby Pins

Hair ties


Dry shampoo


Sanitary pads


Clear nailpolish

Nail fail, nail clipper


Clear plasters

Dental floss

Lint roller



Face wipes

Lip Balm




Sign next to the basket

“Compliments of the newlyweds,
To help you feel your best!
Just use a little…freshen up,
And leave the rest for other guests!”


This is it. All you need to make your guests really happy during the reception! It may seem like a long list, but in reality, these are all really affordable items.

You only need to get mini-size products if something seems too big for the basket. Also, be mindful if children attend the wedding. You might need to remove the medication.

Also, this is something you can ask a parent to help with or your maid of honor!

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Happy Wedding Planning! 


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