Dear future bride and groom,

Being in the wedding industry, you get to see pretty much all the ins and outs of a wedding, from beginning until the end. From dresses to decorations to shaky relationships, we get to see it all. Let’s face it, a wedding photographer could pretty much help plan an entire wedding after all the experience they gather.

Very often, we see things we absolutely love, we also see things that make us cringe, just a bit. Due to attending so many amazing weddings so far, we decided to write this article about our favourite wedding reception ideas to inspire other couples to go that extra mile for their wedding.

If an epic location surrounded by your closest family and friends is the most important thing to you, and it’s not about wedding decorations or name cards, then this article is not for you.

This article is for those dreaming about rusty flowers and copper candle holders on the tables of your guests coming to the feast. It’s for those who are looking for a few finishing touches to make their day truly unique

wooden table setting and flowers for wedding reception ideas

At the end of the day, I guess the question remains:

Why should you invest those extra money in wedding reception ideas and decorations? – Here’s what we think.

  1. Because you will have the wedding of YOUR dreams

    Whether you choose to hire a wedding stylist or have friends help you organise it, make sure you have a good plan and plenty of accessories and flowers to decorate with. Unless your wedding theme is effortlessly  minimalist (which can be done with great style if you put your mind to it), you need to make sure there’s plenty of decorations to fill those tables.

    Why not use lots of branches and twigs or leaves? They are absolutely free and can look so beautiful as wedding decorations; the more the merrier. You could have them on tables, chairs, hanging from the ceiling or walls, the options are endless. Don’t be afraid do dream big or a bit wild, it’s your wedding. Let your personality come through and shine bright!

    branches hanged from the ceiling at reception wedding flowers tied on the wall of a marquee at reception

  2. It will actually save you time paying someone for this rather than doing it ALL yourself

    I completely understand, there’s A LOT to plan for a wedding day, especially when it comes to wedding reception ideas, it can feel slightly overwhelming. There are place settings and place cards, centrepieces, wedding favours. Did I mention table linen and chairs yet? Yes, all of these (and MORE), and all for just one day. But to be honest, once everything starts to come together, your heart will start to feel content and the wedding planning experience becomes all the more exciting.

    If I had a penny for every time we see jam jars on the tables filled with a few wild flowers, I’d be pretty rich by now. But when you decide to invest a bit more thought (and possibly cash) into this, you end up with such beautiful results and wedding decorations, it is worth every penny. 

    An incredible human and wedding stylist we worked with in the past is Sundari from The Wedding Stylist. Her impeccable style and attention to details would turn your wedding into a dream.

    Because we love recommending vendors we also met in person, you should also check Sarah’s website from Floribunda Rose. She is so incredibly talented and puts so much heart and passion into her work, it’s a pleasure to watch. And the results, of course, speak for themselves.

    wild and creative wedding bouquet for outdoor wedding in New Forest

  3. You can have a memorable wedding, not one you’re happy it’s passed

    It may sound a bit harsh, but if we’re honest, we can probably all think of a wedding we’ve been to that not long after, we completely forgot what it was like? Conversely, have you ever attended one you absolutely loved and still remember it to this day?

    I must say, some of my favourite weddings have been the ones where the couple have invested that extra effort and budget for their wedding reception and you can see here some examples of what I mean. Stunning wedding bouquets, beautiful and rich table decorations, unique accessories or locations.

    cards table decorations for wedding reception ideas

  4. No regrets

    Once the wedding is finished, that’s really it. Except for your wedding photos (if you’re reading this, you don’t need me to tell you that we’d absolutely love to be your wedding photographers!) and a few things to remind you of it, there’s not much else remaining, only a happy heart and a loving husband or wife, of course.

    What you don’t want to be left with, though, are regrets. ‘Why I didn’t choose the photographer I really wanted?’ Or maybe ‘why didn’t I invest the extra money to get the wedding decorations I always dreamt of and seen all over Pinterest but went for jam jars instead?’

    These are questions you don’t want to ask yourself AFTER the event has passed, so, please think carefully about what you love and what will make the day special to you.
    wedding reception ideasbar area with flowers for marquee wedding
    Now that we covered “Why you should invest in wedding reception decorations”, 
    let’s consider: 

How to plan for the wedding of your dreams

  1. Hire a professional

    There’s nothing like finding a vendor you really love who shares your taste and vision. It can turn ordinary things into extraordinary ones and believe me, they can do a much better job than any kind friend with probably no experience in wedding decoration. Also, the idea of having no worries or stress whatsoever regarding the decor is totally worth it.

  2. Plan and gather

    If you are the DIY type and see this as an opportunity to put into practice all those Pinterest boards you religiously gathered, then please plan far ahead and make sure you think of all the details while time is on your side and not on the wedding day..

    There are so many things you can gather way before the wedding day and even have a handful of creative friends and family who are more than happy to help you out.

  3. Enjoy

    Please, don’t start planning the wedding details with any mind set around how you can get it over with quicker. It’s such a unique time in your life and hopefully, once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil the dreams you’ve had since you were a little princess a reality, so don’t just rush into organising. It’s so important to take time to actually enjoy, breathe in and treasure this time dearly.

outdoor wedding ceremony for wedding ceremony ideasginger bride holding a bouquet and a moon photo booth wooden wedding reception table wedding reception ideas for table decorations

If you still don’t know where to start with ideas and decorations for the wedding reception, why don’t you have a look through our website? We’ve been lucky enough to witness some stunning weddings along the years, with gorgeous wedding decorations and ideas for different tastes and likings.
Also, some of my personal favourite blogs for wedding ideas and trends, are: Junebug Weddings, Love My Dress, Magnolia Rouge, Green Wedding Shoes.

We truly hope you find this article useful and should you want to get in touch and ask more questions or simply say Hi, don’t hesitate to contact us, we always love making new friends.

May you have the wedding of your dreams!

(article written in collaboration with Ralph Dickinson from Petrichor)