There Is Beauty In The Tangible
Wedding Photography Album


We all take lots and lots of photographs and they crowd our computers and phones.
But have you ever lost any dear photos? I did. For some of them, I would pay a lot to have back. Wish I had printed more of the memories that are starting to fade away. Digital is awesome but doesn’t last forever.

It’s so exciting when our clients create a wedding photography album, because it goes deeper than their computer screens. You can touch it, show it to your proud mom and dad and shed a tear over it. It will become so much more special.

For the album cover we have opted for genuine leather because the feel, the quality and even the smell can’t be compared to anything else. The paper used is matt, so it does not change the tones of the original images.We do however offer a wide range of covers for you to choose from. We are also happy to advice through the entire process so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.


Bride and Groom Album Size: 25″ x 25″
Parents / Grandparents Album Size: 20″ x 20″
Number of pages: standard is 25 pages, can easily add as many as you wish for £15 page
Number of images included: 85-100 , depending on the layout
Cover: genuine leather
Engraving: your names / wedding date on the cover
Design: SmartAlbums which helps us send the album for online proofing before printing

fine art leather cover wedding album by London wedding photographers



From the moment you have your wedding photographs, we can start creating and designing the sample album for you. At first, you will receive a digital sample and you have the full liberty to have  any changes you wish in regards to the selected photographs and the layout. You can easily select the images for your wedding album directly from the online gallery by clicking on the ‘heart’ icon on each photo.


Once we agree on the design, you have a selection of different leather cover colours and styles.


There is also the option to have your names and/or wedding date engraved on the cover, at no extra cost.


Your wedding photography album is on the way! It takes between 3-4 weeks for delivery, but more around the holidays.

Please, don’t let your memories get lost.


Sample Wedding Album || Green Antlers Photography from Green Antlers Photography on Vimeo.