Wedding Emergency Kit List

What should be in a wedding emergency kit?


Do you really need a wedding emergency kit? Absolutely! In case of emergencies, of course!

And if there is one day you want to be ready for anything, that’s your wedding day!

Every wedding, every bride is different, so your wedding kit should be different, as well. But one thing is for sure, you need a few very important basics, in order to have a good night’s rest.

The best part is that you can prepare this weeks before and put it in a nice box saying WEDDING EMERGENCY KIT in Capitals. That way, whoever sees it or is looking for it, will know straight away what to do.

Most of these things are extremely affordable or they may be things you already own. Finding a nice box to put everything in one place will literally save the day of your wedding.


Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials


Mini Sewing Kit

Safety Pins

Polish Remover

Nail Polish

Manicure Kit

Bobby Pins


Lint Roller

Breath Mints

Clear plasters

Nipple covers

Lip Balm

Compact mirror

Clothing steamer – you will never want to use an iron again

Stain Remover pen

Hairspray maximum hold

Pain reliever

Blotting papers – get a set, can double as bridesmaids gifts

Extra earring backs 

Chocolate for a quick sugar fix

Protein bars– have a pack to share

Metal drink straws – don’t mess the lipstick

Universal phone charger

Bluetooth speaker– your maid of honor can be in charge of this

Cash – because you might need last-minute payments

Spare underwear

Spare shoes for the evening

dress cordless steamer for your wedding emergency kit

A bridal emergency kit is one of the most important things to have in the morning. I can’t remember one wedding when something from this list was not used. Brides would need a hair or make-up touch-up, sometimes an earring back would get lost, high-heels shoes require clear plasters, and so on. It’s just one of those days when you can not stress about needing a sewing kit you had at home.

Anything can happen, especially on a wedding day. This list is to help you be prepared and not spend hours googling.


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Happy Wedding Planning! 


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