Northumberland Wedding Elopement | ERIC + KRYSTLE

Northumberland Wedding Elopement


I never needed a Man.
I needed a Viking.
I needed someone who wasn’t afraid of my strengths, or of my needs.
I chose wrong…in the past.
I thought I had to find someone who could put up with my hunger for life.
But I was so damn wrong.
I needed a Viking.
I needed someone who would admire all the things about me that tepid men were intimidated by.
“Alfa | Viking “

This is how Krystle’s wedding vows began and they immediately stroke a chord in Eric’s heart. Although both live in the States, Eric has roots in North England, one of the many reasons they wanted this location for their big adventure.

A field of wild heather, blueberries and the famous Drake stone in Northumberland, deposited by a glacier during the Ice Age, was the setting Eric and Kyrstle chose for their elopement. Closest family and friends were standing there as witnesses to this beautiful and somewhat wild ceremony. I guess wild souls have a thing for adventure and we were ever so lucky to be invited along to the journey.

There’s so much I can say about this Northumberland elopement and, in the same time, it would be hard to describe into words. It truly was special. From beginning to end.

It started with a first look on the Longsands beach in Tynemouth, then a visit to the citadel on the hill, one of Eric’s favourite places there. After a bit of a drive away from the city, we were in the Northumberland region, the northernmost county of England, where we all hiked to the chosen location (I may or may not have been side tracked by a few blueberries on the way up, but that’s just part of the perks of the job, right?).
The wind blowing strong, the vast fields of wild heather, their vows and us all standing there and celebrating their union was pretty special, as you can imagine.

If you ever dream of having an intimate wedding or to elope with your closest friends and family but don’t know where to start, all you need is a massive rock in the middle of nowhere (in full blueberry season if possible) and a colour coordinated group of people. And of course, us there, too. You’re welcome!

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Northumberland wedding photographersNorthumberland wedding photographersbride giving gifts to her family in the morning in the hotelbride walking on the beach towards her groom bride and groom kiss for their first look on the beach, near the rocks Bride laughing during her first look with the groom bride and groom during portrait shoot on the beach in North England bride and groom laugh during portrait shoot in tynemouth beach side northumberland-elopement-wedding-photographer_green-antlers-photography-399 groom kiss bride on the beach in Tynemouth boho bride portrait in Tynemouth citadel boho bride holding with citadel behind in Tynemouth groom writing final parts of vows in Tynemouth bride and groom walking up the hill in northumberland guest walking on the fields in Northumberland wedding guests in Northumberland bride near tree on the fields in Northumberland northumberland-elopement-wedding-photographer_green-antlers-photography-639 elopement near Drake Stone in Northumberland bride drinking whiskey during elopement in Northumberland emotional moment during ceremony in northumberland scarf flying in the wind during wedding ceremony guests saying a speech during elopement on the hills wedding elopement in Northumberland elopement wedding photographer northumberland wedding photography Northumberland elopement near Drake stone groom reading vows to bride for their elopement in Northumberlandgroom reading vows to bride near drake stone in northumberland Groom reading something in Celtic language northumberland elopement outdoor ceremony bride and groom first kiss during their elopement at Drake Stone in Northumberland northumberland elopement photography northumberland elopement wedding photographers bride and groom elope in Northumberland Northumberland elopement portrait shoot Scarf flying in the air during the Northumberland wedding shoot Northumberland elopement photographybride and groom laughing and embrace near a rock by Northumberland elopement photographers Boho bride among the rocks in Northumberland bride and groom holding surrounded by wild heather bride and groom taking a moment during sunset time in Tynemouthdeserted swimming pool during Sunset in Tynemouth

Huge thanks to everyone involved, from close or afar!

Florist: Jules Fleur – Tynemouth, UK
Hair: Church Hairdressing  – Tynemouth, UK
Makeup: Halo Beauty Haven – Tynemouth, UK
Dress Designer: Charlie Brear – London, UK
Bridal Boutique: Glitter and Grit – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Groom’s Outfit: GOTSTYLE – Toronto, Canada
Rings and necklace: Trinity Jewelers – Pittsburgh , PA, USA
Earrings: Frost Finery – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Photographer: Green Antlers Photography


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