7 Wedding Dresses Alternatives for Non-Traditional Brides

Looking for an affordable alternative for your wedding dress? Or you simply don’t want to pay the extra 0 for a high-end wedding dress?
Maybe you’re just not quite sure yet what it is that you want?

We’ve got some ideas for you! There are quite a few wedding dress alternatives that may help you narrow down your choices.

7 Wedding Dresses Alternatives for Non-Traditional Brides

High Street wedding dress

We had so many brides buying wedding dresses on the High Street and they looked absolutely gorgeous! It also costs pennies from what a typical wedding dress would be!
Eva’s wedding dress was from Phase Eight and I honestly don’t think anything else would have looked more perfect than this! How about an Asos wedding dress like our bride Katy, had? So many great options out there, just need a bit of research! Cosmopolitan has an entire article dedicated to High Street wedding dresses and it’s definitely worth a read! You have all these brands in one place!

Vintage wedding dress

If you are not sure about getting a High Street dress, what about a vintage dress? There are lots of charity shops that store only vintage dresses and some stunning finds can be a fraction of the price! It’s also really unique and has so much personality!

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Previously owned wedding dress

This literally means buying a second-hand wedding dress. We all know you would only wear your dress once, so if someone looked after it really well on the day of the wedding, it can be sold again! It’s another brilliant option if you’re looking for a wedding dress on a smaller budget, but with a great label! Facebook groups and Ebay are good places to start looking for previously owned wedding dresses.


Alternative wedding dresses

You’re not one for traditional style wedding dresses? What about an alternative option? It can be the color and style of your choice! The leather jacket is definitely a bonus! You can wear anything you desire, from a black wedding dress to anything that suits your style best! Crop tops and jumpsuits are very much in trend at the moment!

Custom made wedding dress

One option I love but didn’t have the courage to do myself would be to have a custom-made wedding dress. Depending on the budget, you can choose the fabric, design, and seamstress, of course! It’s also a really unique experience and would be a fantastic choice for the more creative brides out there!
You’re still unsure about this idea?
Why not read what other brides said on our blog, about 5 brides who had custom-made wedding dresses. It might lead you in the right direction!


Etsy wedding dresses alternative

This is definitely one of the places where you should look for wedding dress alternatives! Etsy is my go-to website whenever I want something more creative and different from what’s in all the high-street stores! You can find ready-made wedding dresses here or even order your own design! You also get to support a small business that probably does a happy dance each time someone orders from them!

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Sale wedding dress

Last but not least, thank goodness for sales! Most brands would change their merchandise depending on the season, so chances are you might find a dream wedding dress for a fraction of the full price, on the Sale rack. Would always advise starting the search in early Winter or Summertime.


Now let’s do a quick recap, like school old’ days: 

  1. High street wedding dress
  2. Vintage wedding dress
  3. Previously owned wedding dress
  4. Alternative wedding dresses
  5. Custom made wedding dress
  6. Etsy wedding dresses alternatives
  7. Sale wedding dresses

These are our 7 suggestions on where you can shop for wedding dress alternatives.

So whether you already like a high-street brand or prefer a vintage wedding dress, I hope you find that perfect wedding dress for you!


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