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Fine Art Wedding Albums

Wedding albums should make you feel.


When you hold a wedding album and it immediately takes you back to a day, a moment, a feeling, those are the type of wedding photography albums I want to create for my couples.

Yes, it is about high quality, craftsmanship and beautiful design; but it is also about the smell, the touch, the whispers of your heart going back in time.
I am always imagining our clients, many years from now, holding their wedding album with pride and thrill.  With grand children on their lap, taking them on a journey of their lives. Laughter and probably, tears. Wedding albums should make you feel.

We’re not selling a product. There is no point in making a list of five reasons why you should have a wedding photography album. This is an experience. You choose to value your memories, your story. We just want to make sure you do that in the best possible way, shape and form.

It’s such an honour to show you the wedding albums we offer and we even made a short video in our home studio. For a more lengthy description of the features and process, you can check our ALBUMS page.

Here’s some features for the wedding albums we offer.


Price: £400 (leather cover) , £320 (linen cover)
Bride and Groom Album Size
: 25″ x 25″
Parents / Grandparents Album Size: 25″ x 25″
Number of pages: standard is 25 pages, can easily add as many as you wish for £15 page
Number of images included: 100-120 , depending on the layout
Cover: genuine leather or linen cover would be the more affordable option
Engraving: your names / wedding date on the cover
DesignSmartAlbums which helps us send the album for online proofing before printing

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Photographer: Green Antlers Photography
Design Software: SmartAlbums


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