Use Your Wedding Ceremony Backdrop in 5 Ways

Do you have a stunning wedding ceremony backdrop idea in mind?
Do you want to maximize your budget and make the most of your amazing wedding ceremony backdrop?

Here are 5 creative ways on how to use 1 wedding ceremony backdrop, all in one day!


Wedding Ceremony

I know this is obvious so I won’t expand on this much. Just one really important tip to keep in mind – make sure the florist knows that the wedding ceremony backdrop is meant to be moved around a few more times! That’s why it’s imperative that it can be easily moved and that it will stay together until the end of the evening. It may be a bit of a challenge but there’s plenty of creative options to make that possible!

This couple had a stunning flower arch for their Plas Dinam wedding and it was very detailed and sturdy! The amazing Sasha at Sassflower waited until the outdoor ceremony was over to make sure the arch was safely moved to the wedding reception location. Needless to say the arch was the main attraction of the decoration and lots of selfies were taken afterward!

outdoor wedding ceremony at Plas Dinam in Wales with the couple in front of a big flower arch

Another fun example is of a wedding ceremony we shot at Coombe Lodge in Somerset. Several rings covered in foliage were used for the wedding ceremony backdrop.
Read on to see how the same foliage rings were used by The Wilde Bunch for the wedding reception main table!

bride and groom first kiss during the outdoor wedding ceremony at Coombe Lodge in Somerset

Group Shots

Do you want to have beautiful group shots to print all over your house?  What about using that gorgeous wedding ceremony backdrop you adore? It’s also a beautiful way of tying everything together and having those details you love most in your favorite shots! Photographers love making use of wedding ceremony backdrops if possible so I doubt they would say no to the idea. We’ve had plenty of occasions when we could use it for the formal shots and everyone seemed to love the result!

groomsmen group shot in front of a beautiful flower arch at Plas Dinam in Wales

Portrait Session

When you already have such a gorgeous piece for your wedding day, you might as well make the most of it, right? A few bridal portraits using the same wedding ceremony backdrop are definitely a must! It’s also something that will look stunning in your wedding album, too!

bridal portrait in front of flower arch at Plas Dinam country house in Wales

Wedding Reception

Did you say your vows in front of a beautiful flower arch or whatever creative idea you had (or found on Pinterest)? Next up will be the wedding reception where you could use the same ceremony backdrop without anyone complaining, I promise! Fortunately, there should be at least one good hour between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception so people from the staff can move the backdrop during this time.

wedding reception arrangement at plas dinam wales with a flower arch as a decor for the main table

Do you recognize these foliage circles? It’s the same decor the couple had during their Coombe Lodge wedding ceremony! It made such an impact, especially on the white wall! What an effective idea for making the most of your decor, right?

foliage rings as decoration for the main table at Coombe Lodge in Somerset

A few points to consider this time – the locations aren’t too far from each other so the risk of an accident can be minimized. There’s enough staff to move the decor so you don’t have only 1-2 people trying to move it and cause a horrible accident.
Make sure there are some spare flowers/props in case something does actually happen and the staff can quickly fix or improvise.

Photo Booth Backdrop

Last but not least -once the dinner has been served and people are ready to hit the dance floor, why not have the same backdrop turn into a photo booth corner?  You could obviously hire Mad Hat Photo Booth who is always open to any new ideas and suggestions or you could make your DIY photo booth corner.
We’d suggest the first option (without being biased) as you’ve probably already saved a bit on the decor with having moved the backdrop! Nothing beats having a proper photo booth to bring the party up a notch!

Let’s recap.
You could use your wedding ceremony backdrop for:

  • your wedding ceremony (duh)
  • group shots
  • portrait session
  • wedding reception
  • photo booth backdrop

These are 5 ways you can use the same wedding ceremony backdrop so you make the most of what you pay for!
Pretty cool, right?! 

To get even more wedding planning ideas for your dream wedding, head on to our Wedding Planning Guide page! We add new articles monthly to make sure you have lots of help when the wedding planning starts!



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