Ultimate List of Things To Get for a Wedding

What are the main most important things to get for a wedding


When planning your wedding, the list of things you could buy is neverending. We certainly don’t want to add more bills to your set budget. The items on this list are all things we have seen at over 100 weddings and we know some are truly important.

Except for a few Etsy items, most of the things we recommend here are from Amazon. It’s the quickest way to save everything you need on your own list if you wanted. You also save tons of time, by not having to go out shop for every single thing on here.

Don’t get yourself overwhelmed by this long list of things coming. Most of these are super affordable! Also, you might already have many of these as well, so something to cross off the list already!

So here’s is our recommendation for things you may need for the wedding day.


Wedding Planner

Etsy Wedding Planner

There are many ways to organize all the wedding details in one location. You can use spreadsheets, lists, a new notebook, Emails, and other ideas.

However, when you can find a dedicated wedding planner that actually helps, it’s such a great feeling! We’ve been researching many companies but found that Etsy has quite a good selection of wedding planners. So we decided to recommend just one we thought looks great and has some of the best reviews, too!


Bridal emergency kit


Mini Sewing Kit

Safety Pins

Polish Remover

Nail Polish

Manicure Kit

Bobby Pins


Lint Roller


Clear plasters

Nipple covers

Lip Balm

A bridal emergency kit is so important. No matter if you only get few things on this list or every single one, you will find a use for them.

Anything can happen, especially on a wedding day. So it’s best to be prepared and make your own kit of things you don’t even know you would need. Yes, every good list should start with chocolate.


bridesmaids helping bride getting ready on the wedding day


Confetti bubbles

Biodegradable Confetti

Tissue Paper Confetti

We have already covered an entire article on confetti ideas for weddings that you can check. This is just a short list of the most popular confetti you can choose from on a wedding day.


Sparklers kit

Long wedding sparklers

Wedding sparklers bucket


Wedding guestbook

Etsy wedding guestbook

Having a wedding guestbook is a very nice touch and a way to keep some memories after your wedding. If you decide to hire a photo booth, most companies might have their own guestbook, in which case you don’t need another one. However, you can maybe get in touch to see what they offer and if you can switch to a personalized one instead.


Dress steamer

Wedding and Bridesmaids dresses

This may actually be one of the most important items on this entire list. Ok, this and chocolate.
In all seriousness, having your own dress steamer on the wedding morning is an absolute asset! Bridal dresses are usually extremely sensitive and hard to iron (not to mention scary) so a steamer has been the best thing we’ve seen being used.


Bridesmaids gifts

Boutique jewelry

Fairtrade jewelry (Etsy has great options)

Linen robes (Etsy has great options)

Fairtrade beeswax candles

Reusable water bottle with charcoal filter ( I use this one daily and LOVE it!)

Ethically made makeup bag/clutch (Etsy has great options)

Personalized tote bag (Etsy has great options)


We couldn’t leave out one of the main things brides consider buying- bridesmaids gifts. These are a few ethical bridesmaids’ gift options we recommend. Whichever you choose from the list above, would make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Bracelets and necklaces have been the most popular options we’ve seen at weddings.

For a full list of ideas for bridesmaids gifts including links to shops, read this article.

things you need to get for the wedding- bridesmaids gifts


Bathroom basket for the guests


Hand lotion

Bobby Pins

Hair ties


Dry shampoo

Pain relief

Sanitary pads


Clear nailpolish

Nail fail, nail clipper


Clear plasters

Dental floss

Lint roller



Face wipes

Lip Balm





Sign next to the basket

“Compliments of the newlyweds,
To help you feel your best!
Just use a little…freshen up,
And leave the rest for other guests!”


An extremely common thing(in the UK at least)  is to have a bathroom basket for guests with an emergency kit. After a very long day, everyone needs a bit of a freshen up. Also, there are many items on this list you most definitely need and may not have in your purse.

We would highly recommend considering having a bathroom basket- one for gals and maybe one for the guys, too! It is obvious which items guys would not use. But most of the things on this list are more than welcomed in the boys’ bathroom, as well!


Children wedding favors

Sweets in jar/ party paper bags/ animal paper box / any type of container

Paper Labels Stickers (useful for many things on the wedding day)

Kinder chocolates / lollipops / pop-corn/ Gummy bears pack



Coloring crayons 

Activity book

Boys colouring book / Girls colouring book

Racing cars for boys  (get a set to divide)

Small dolls for girls

Kids nail polish

Stuffed toy (get a set to divide)

Playdough (get a set to divide)

Small Lego set

Sticker pads

Card making set (to give to the bride and groom)

Animal face masks (dress-up fun)

Squidgy balls  (get a set to divide)

Temporary tattoos for kids 

Watercolor temporary animals tattoo stickers (these are so sweet!)


These are just a few wedding favors ideas for kids and mostly off Amazon, so it’s really easy to purchase in one go. For a more detailed list on children wedding favors ideas (we added a few more to the list), check this article!

Obviously, you would know far in advance how many children are attending as well as their ages. Simply chose from the favors ideas above and make a children’s wedding activity pack.

You could have this at the table with parents or, even better, if children are a bit older, have a special kids activity table (under grown-up supervision, of course)! Everybody will be more than happy for the entire evening!

kids activity box full of fun items for the children wedding favors


The ultimate list of things to have on your wedding day

Glow sticks- with connectors

Long sparklers

Bucket with handle

Biodegradable confetti

Biodegradable Confetti kit (Stickers + Clear Bags) 

Etsy Wedding Planner

Bridal emergency kit (ideas above)

Bathroom basket (detailed above)

Children wedding basket (ideas above)

Bridesmaids gifts (ideas above)

Large easel for signs

Small easel for table numbers

Bubble favors

Etsy wedding guestbook

Toasting flutes

Polaroid disposable camera

Selfie sticks

Mini Sewing Kit


Ballons pump

Smoke bombs

White Flip flops basket- 20 pairs

White pillar candles – different sizes

Burning tealights

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper

Travel mouthwash tablets – brilliant for the honeymoon, too

Clear umbrellas – set of 10

smoke bombs to get for wedding day


This is a more extensive list of things to have for your wedding day. It includes the main, most important items mentioned above as well as a few more that are well worth considering.

We have put together this list of things to get for a wedding to give you an idea of where to start. You certainly don’t need to get every single one of these things. But at least you’re not stressed out researching on 10 different sites to put together a random list you’re not even sure of.


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Happy Wedding Planning! 


We have included affiliate links, to help you better plan for your life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a small commission, at NO extra cost to you. We would only recommend things we trust and have seen work at other events. Our aim is to make life easier for you, saving you lots of time and research.



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