Top 10 Wedding Cake Styles Inspiration

Our Top 10 Wedding Cake Styles Inspiration


Wedding cakes are still very popular when it comes to wedding traditions, although they’ve changed hugely from the very traditional white wedding cake. Nowadays, you get to see all sorts of variations for wedding cake styles, depending on people’s creativity.

This is our list of Top 10 Wedding Cake Styles from weddings we shot in the Cotswolds area and all around the UK.

What an absolute feast for the eye!

Naked cake

Probably one of the most fun and a bit bohemian wedding cake is the naked cake. I wouldn’t know to say if it’s as easy to make as it looks but isn’t it just so pretty? Quite a few couples have opted for this type of wedding cake style and we absolutely loved it!
Asha and Ralph had a three-piece naked wedding cake for their Plas Dinam wedding. Decorated simply with some flowers and have it stand on a log and you’re done.

naked cake on a tree stomp for a boho wedding day

This other couple went for an entire table full of desserts and a simple naked wedding cake was made for the official cake cutting moment. Another example of how less is definitely more. Perfectly suited for a forest wedding, isn’t it?

simple naked cake with roses and cream for a barn wedding

Traditional or posh wedding cake

A gorgeous white wedding cake for a more traditional wedding day is one way of keeping things simple yet so elegant.
Both wedding cake styles are equally beautiful and so perfectly executed!

traditional wedding cake styles with flowers

Add some embroidery and some natural looking sugar flowers on it and you have my definition of a posh cake. Particularly love how this table isn’t with the wedding cake alone but is surrounded by very fancy looking deserts, all in the same colour as the wedding cake. Everything is so beautifully set up on a rose gold sequin fabric. One of my favourite wedding cake tables, no doubt!

post blush wedding cake with embroidery and sugar roses for a desserts table

Fruity cake

This type of fruity wedding cake is more ‘rough around the edges’, very natural looking and looks so very tasty! You can easily get away with a homemade wedding cake if you cover it with just enough wild berries and colourful fruits!
If you’re not much into sweets, then a fruity cake can be the ideal way of making everyone happy!

homemade naked cake with lots of berries

Flower cake

Looking at all these cakes makes my life really hard right now as I’m not a baker at all but would really have a slice or two! If you’re going for a more boho style wedding or just a very relaxed wedding, having a cake filled with wildflowers or edible flowers can be a perfect choice!

homemade wedding cake with edible flowers on a wooden log

Or, you can simply add flowers you are wearing in your wedding bouquet so it all fits the colour scheme! Like this Cripps Barn wedding we shot in the Cotswolds. What a beautiful looking wedding cake!

wedding cake styles

Marbled cake

It’s amazing how we’re always surprised by extremely talented wedding vendors. This marbled looking wedding cake with gold leaf is magazine worthy! Dressed to impress for a very elegant wedding day! If you want to see a royal-like wedding day, this Somerset marquee wedding is completely worth a scroll!

marbled wedding cake with edible gold foil

Cheese Wedding Cake

More and more we see couples opting for non-traditional or alternative wedding cakes. A cheese wedding cake is one of the best ideas if you want to replace the more traditional cake. You can simply stack your favourite cheese one on top of the other, add some herbs and fruits and you can say you made your own wedding cake! The word on the street is that a trip to France for some good wine and genuine French cheese is always a good idea! It’s what this couple did for their Poulton wedding in the Cotswolds!

stack of cheese for an alternative wedding cake

Macaroons Cake

Macaroons are not only delicious but so so pretty! If you ever considered having a macaroons wedding cake but doubted the idea, this marquee wedding will definitely convince you to do it! You just can’t beat a cake like this!

macaroons wedding cake style and inspiration

Doughnuts wedding cake

Who knew people can love doughnuts this much? Well, this is another way to impress you, wedding guests, for a more relaxed wedding! One couple had a doughnuts wedding cake for their seaside wedding, looking so pretty! Not a single soul complained! Probably only if they wanted more!

Doughnuts wedding cake style

Meringue cake

Would you believe me if I said that this cake was made on the wedding day, by the couple AND their guests? I know, it’s absolutely crazy, but probably the best crazy idea we ever saw at a wedding! The chef simply came in the room with a table and all of the ingredients for this cake and the people’s reactions were unreal! Gloves were involved but a wedding cake was made in probably under 10 minutes, with lots of laughter in between! Check out this destination wedding if you don’t believe me!

make your own wedding cake from meringue with berries and cream

Geode Wedding Cake

Last but by no means least, we got to see a geode wedding cake! It is all made of sugar actually but the skills this person has, are out of this world! If you didn’t know, it could easily fool you! What do you think? Would you ever think of having a geode wedding cake?

Geode Wedding Cake style inspiration for a non-traditional bride


 Which of these wedding cake styles is your favourite?
Have I convinced you to try something different?
Or are you already on the way to the kitchen looking for desert?

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