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City Guide: HELSINKI | Travel Diary

Helsinki City Guide | Helsinki Wedding Photographer Don't you sometimes feel like all that photographers do is travel, drink coffee, meet up with cool people and shoot magazine worthy portraits and weddings? Well, it is actually so far from the truth. At least for the majority out there. Yes, they do travel and spend long hours in airports or dirty trains, unwash[...]

City guide: Annecy, France | Travel Diary

Annecy France City Guide | Annecy Wedding Photographer I travel a lot. Mostly through other people's eyes. But when I do get to go to places like Annecy in France, I want to remember the moments, the sun, the clouds in the sky, the old windows and the people smiling back to my broken French. It has been a while since I took this trip with 4 lovely girls, but it's nev[...]