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Boho Wedding on the Coast of Norway | ESPEN + KARI-ANN

 There is a very special place in my heart for more and more people I get to meet in Stavanger each time we shoot a wedding in Norway. Many times we get there without knowing anyone and we always come back home having made new friends. It was a very peaceful morning. After having rained for weeks before, it finally stopped. As if to celebrate Espen and Kari-Ann. [...]

Barn Wedding in Stavanger, Norway | KJARTAN + ANNE EMILIE

Barn Wedding on the West Coast of Norway, in Stavanger // Stavanger Wedding Photographer I can not believe we get to share this wedding from Stavanger with you today. Few years back, we’ve never even met this people and now, we can call them friends. We’ve randomly met Anne Emilie whilst in Oslo for a short project there and she was so kind to show us around. She was[...]

Destination Wedding by the Nordic Sea in Norway | Anders + Una

Relaxed Wedding by the Nordic Sea in Stavanger, Norway // Norway Wedding Photographer Last autumn, we were fortunate enough to shoot a beautiful destination wedding in Stavanger, Norway. Clients turned quickly into friends as we were charmed by this new culture and their calm and genuine spirits. When we heard the brides brother was getting married and we were invit[...]

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day | HENRICK + ANNE IRENE

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day Whoever has been to a Nordic country, can easily understand why we fell in love with it.Visiting Norway for the second time , we got to feel the place a bit more. From the friendliest and nicest people you meet, to the most dramatic and inspiring landscape I've ever seen, Norway has it all. Getting to shoot a stunning dest[...]