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New Forest Wedding Photographer | Moses + Jess

One of the most beautiful places in South West England must be the New Forest National Park. When we were asked to shoot a wedding literally in New Forest, we were pretty excited. Of course we didn't quite know what to expect, like every time we travel to a new place. When we arrived in Lymington, with the forest on one side and the sea on the other, we started to ge[...]

Marquee Wedding in Oxfordshire | Paul + Sophie

There's times when we are in the mids of a wedding day and it feels like an out of this world experience. Well, this was one of those times... Sophie is a special kind of friend who has such a gift of spreading joy and love around her and I don't even think she knows how wonderful she actually is. We were so fortunate to spend some time with her and couple more fr[...]

Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses, Oxfordshire | Andy + Hattie

Stunning bride wearing Jenny Packham wedding dresses // Oxfordshire wedding photographer A wedding filled with good taste, incredible food and some ridiculously good dancing moves. Held in a marquee, on the groom's parents estate, this wedding didn't cease to impress with an impeccable taste, from the Jenny Packham wedding dresses which looked nothing short of extra[...]

1930s Eclectic Whimsical Wedding | Andy + Abbie

1930s Whimsical Wedding // Maidenhead Wedding Photographer I've got a really difficult job to do after each of the weddings. Having to describe a perfectly beautiful day, full of laughter and memorable speeches, in which the bride is shining, looking absolutely stunning, living one of her most dreamt about days, is quite a task, isn't it? I just hope my poor words c[...]