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The Wedding House Bohemian Style Wedding | Daniel + Laura

This was, in so many ways, not a typical kind of bohemian style wedding, so I decided to create an atypical kind of blog post. This guys have met less than two years ago. After five months of dating, Daniel decided to propose whilst they were in France, Mont Saint Michel. This happened in May 2015 and by September, they had planned the most beautiful bohemian style w[...]

Nepal Earthquake in 2015| Travel diary

Nepal Earthquake in 2015 // The Aftermath I must admit it has taken me a bit long to write this article about the Nepal earthquake in 2015. There are good reasons for this but I am so happy to share with you some photographs we took while in Nepal and the earthquake aftermath in 2015. The world as we see it is beautiful but it sometimes suffers. As it happened with [...]

Business Tips We've Learned in 2015

Seven Business Tips We've Learned in 2015 // London Wedding Photographers At the end of 2014, we took some time to asses our photography business, where we needed improvement and things we needed to let go of, so a blog post about 10 business lessons we've learned in 2014 was made. Since then, I promised myself to find time each year to do this. How will you ever kn[...]

City Guide: ISTANBUL | Travel Diary

Istanbul City Guide // Destination Wedding Photographer We're travellers. Born to be nomads. It's so liberating to have no schedules, meetings or deadlines. You can just be and experience something completely out of the ordinary. Whilst traveling, I believe it only deepens the experience if you meet strangers, locals to that new place and find bridges to connect at [...]

Barn Wedding in Stavanger, Norway | KJARTAN + ANNE EMILIE

Barn Wedding on the West Coast of Norway, in Stavanger // Stavanger Wedding Photographer I can not believe we get to share this wedding from Stavanger with you today. Few years back, we’ve never even met this people and now, we can call them friends. We’ve randomly met Anne Emilie whilst in Oslo for a short project there and she was so kind to show us around. She was[...]

City guide: Annecy, France | Travel Diary

Annecy France City Guide | Annecy Wedding Photographer I travel a lot. Mostly through other people's eyes. But when I do get to go to places like Annecy in France, I want to remember the moments, the sun, the clouds in the sky, the old windows and the people smiling back to my broken French. It has been a while since I took this trip with 4 lovely girls, but it's nev[...]

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day | HENRICK + ANNE IRENE

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day Whoever has been to a Nordic country, can easily understand why we fell in love with it.Visiting Norway for the second time , we got to feel the place a bit more. From the friendliest and nicest people you meet, to the most dramatic and inspiring landscape I've ever seen, Norway has it all. Getting to shoot a stunning dest[...]