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Chateau du Croisillat France Wedding Photographer | Martin + Merav

Chateau du Croisillat France Wedding Photographer When you are about to be shooting a Chateau du Croisillat wedding in the South of France, you can only expect to have a pretty amazing experience. But this one has far exceeded our expectations. A French Chateau built in the fifth century, about 30km from Toulouse, in the Caraman region, Chateau du Croisillat belonge[...]

Guildford Wedding Photographer | Jon + Ginny

Guildford Wedding Photographer | Green Antlers Photography What a pleasure to start the wedding season as a Guildford wedding photographer for Jon and Ginny's Spring wedding in Guildford, Surrey. The morning started of very relaxed but quite emotional, surrounded by friends and family in their Guildford rental home. Once the bride was ready, we all went to St Alba[...]

Leila Hafzi Wedding Dress for Stavanger Wedding | Glenn + Anne-Lisa

A beautiful barn wedding by the coast of Stavanger, Norway, on a hot Summer day, can only make for a fantastic day. And when the bride is wearing the designer Leila Hafzi wedding dress, you know you're in for a treat. Here we are again (yes, definitely considering moving to Stavanger for few months a year, while there is daylight, of course), incredibly lucky to be[...]

Boho Wedding on the Coast of Norway | ESPEN + KARI-ANN

 There is a very special place in my heart for more and more people I get to meet in Stavanger each time we shoot a wedding in Norway. Many times we get there without knowing anyone and we always come back home having made new friends. It was a very peaceful morning. After having rained for weeks before, it finally stopped. As if to celebrate Espen and Kari-Ann. [...]

Destination Wedding by the Nordic Sea in Norway | Anders + Una

Relaxed Wedding by the Nordic Sea in Stavanger, Norway // Norway Wedding Photographer Last autumn, we were fortunate enough to shoot a beautiful destination wedding in Stavanger, Norway. Clients turned quickly into friends as we were charmed by this new culture and their calm and genuine spirits. When we heard the brides brother was getting married and we were invit[...]

Outdoor Wedding in Transylvania, Romania | ALEX + MARI

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Transylvania, Romania | Destination Wedding Photographer This is one of those stories which begins and ends something like this.. "A little boy and a little girl were playing together as they were childhood neighbours and so they became very good friends. Later on, they went to school and then College, studying the same subjects. Girl like[...]

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day | HENRICK + ANNE IRENE

Destination Wedding in Norway on a Rainy Day Whoever has been to a Nordic country, can easily understand why we fell in love with it.Visiting Norway for the second time , we got to feel the place a bit more. From the friendliest and nicest people you meet, to the most dramatic and inspiring landscape I've ever seen, Norway has it all. Getting to shoot a stunning dest[...]