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Boho Wedding on the Coast of Norway | ESPEN + KARI-ANN

 There is a very special place in my heart for more and more people I get to meet in Stavanger each time we shoot a wedding in Norway. Many times we get there without knowing anyone and we always come back home having made new friends. It was a very peaceful morning. After having rained for weeks before, it finally stopped. As if to celebrate Espen and Kari-Ann. [...]

The Wedding House Bohemian Style Wedding | Daniel + Laura

This was, in so many ways, not a typical kind of bohemian style wedding, so I decided to create an atypical kind of blog post. This guys have met less than two years ago. After five months of dating, Daniel decided to propose whilst they were in France, Mont Saint Michel. This happened in May 2015 and by September, they had planned the most beautiful bohemian style w[...]

Festival Wedding in Wales at The Good Life Experience | Ralph + Eva

Festival Wedding in Wales, at the Good Life Experience Festival // Wales Wedding Photographer Weddings and festivals are two different life events which Ralph and Eva decided to merge into one memorable day.  They invited friends and family to be part of a unique festival wedding, everyone shall remember dearly. The Good Life Experience is a festival in Wales which [...]

Boho Style Wedding in a Forest in Wales | WARREN + JOSIE

Beautiful Boho Style Wedding in a Forest | Wales Wedding Photographer As we stepped out of the car at the edge of the enchanted forest, I knew this was not going to be just an ordinary boho wedding. Quietly, we all lined up to go deeper into the woods to that special spot where all of us could witness the sacred vows of two people choosing to become one. The giant[...]