Statement Bridal Earrings from Etsy

It’s been so much fun to research all of these statement bridal earrings for you!

Two things I’ve learned very quickly about bridal earrings for your wedding day- you can go as crazy as you wish, you will find plenty of options; and secondly, it doesn’t have to be very expensive, but you can easily make a statement with a pair of beautiful statement earrings.

The reason why I wanted to share a collection of statement bridal earrings is that every single person is so unique in their taste! I have certainly met plenty of couples and especially brides, with really eccentric taste, which I totally love and appreciate! To be honest, if I were to choose between a very minimal or a bold pair of earrings, I would probably go for the latter. Being brunette, I find that large white earrings suit me so well, so I might actually get myself a pair or two from this list!

Who said that bridal accessories need to be dainty and simple? Be bold, be unique, and most of all, be yourself, even more so on your wedding day!

Reasons why you should or shouldn’t choose statement bridal earring

  1. It will show your personality
  2. You will make a statement
  3. It may be uncomfortable to wear the entire day if you’re not used to them
  4. It can bring to life a more minimal dress choice
  5. You will even save some money as you won’t actually need other pieces of jewelry
  6. Definitely buy in advance to make sure you are fully happy with wearing it for a whole day

Please note all images used in this article are from the Etsy shop owners. 

Pearl Statement Bridal Earrings

bride wearing unique statement Bridal Earrings Silver Gold

| £56+

Etsy bridal ivory earrings with tassels

bride wearing etsy bridal ivory earrings with tassels

| £107

Chandelier statement earrings Bridal

Chandelier statement earrings Bridal

| £114+


White Crystal Bridal Statement Earrings

bride wearing beautiful white Crystal Bridal statement Earrings

SpotLight Jewelry | £25.60

Unique pearls bridal earrings

bride wearing pearls Bridal Statement Earrings

Designer pearl wedding earrings

bride wearing designer pearl bridal earrings


Tassel statement bridal earrings

white tassel statement bridal earrings

| £42+


Lilac designer wedding earrings

bride wearing lilac designer wedding earrings


Spring Blossom Statement Drop Earrings bridal

Spring Blossom statement Drop Earrings bridal

Miss KitchUK | £11.50

Luxury Pearl Bridal Drop Earrings

bride wearing pearl wedding earrings italy

Floral hoop bride to be earrings

bride wearing luxury hoop wedding earrings

Long silver wedding earrings ostrich feathers

bride wearing Long silver wedding earrings ostrich feathers

| £42+

Long feather statement bridal earrings

bride wearing long feather statement bridal earrings

| £42+

Teardrop rose gold earrings, chandelier earrings

bride wearing Teardrop rose gold earrings chandelier earrings

| £56

Bridal Teardrop Leaf Blue Swarovski Diamond Earrings

bridal teardrop Leaf Blue swarowski Diamond Earrings

| £40

Something Blue Swarowski Statement Bridal Earrings

blue swarowski statement bridal earrings

| £95+ 

Zirconia Wedding Statement Earrings

Zirconia Wedding statement Earrings

| £43+

Statement Wedding Earrings Bridal White Earrings

Statement Wedding Earrings Bridal White Earrings

| £92

Statement Gold Pearl Oversized Hoop Bridal Earrings

bride wearing statement Gold Pearl Oversized Hoop bridal Earrings

| £15

Statement floral boho bridal earrings

bride wearing statement floral boho bridal earrings

| £75

Boho Feathers Bridal Statement Earrings

Boho Bridal statement Earrings

| £48

Silver Bridal White Floral Statement Earrings

Silver bridal white flower earrings

| £43

Flower Bridal Statement Earrings

bride wearing white flower bridal statement earrings wedding

HelenisJewelry | £65

Boho Beaded White Bridal Statement Earrings

boho bride wearing Boho beaded statement earrings | £7

Floral Wreath Bridal Statement Earrings

bride wearing Floral Wreath Bridal statement Earrings


Silk Flower Statement Bridal Earrings

bride wearing Silk Flower statement bridal Earrings


White Long Bridal Wedding Earrings Flower Shape

bride wearing white long bridal wedding earrings flower shape


Gold Statement Bridal Geometric Earrings

bride wearing Gold Statement Earrings Geometric Block DropEarrings

| £34

White Statement Bridal Earrings

bride wearing white earrings wedding statement wear

| £30

Chandelier Statement Bridal Earrings

Chandelier statement Bridal Earrings | £46+

Aurora Borealis Rainbow Statement Earrings

Aurora Borealis Rainbow Statement Earrings

| £57

White Flower Statement Bridal Earrings

bride wearing statement white flower earrings bridal wedding

| £57+

Rose Gold Bridal Hoop Earrings

Rose gold bridal hoop earrings

| £48+


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This article contains a few affiliate links meaning, at NO additional cost to you, I can earn a small commission if you make a purchase of any of the products. We would only recommend things we trust and have seen work at other events. Our aim is to make life easier for you, saving you lots of time and research.



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