A Reminder Stone For Our Business | London Wedding Photographer

After 2 years of dreaming and daring and working hard, we are moving forward. I always like to remember about past things, because it helps me see my evolution, understand how to work better and wiser, in order to see dreams come to life. And oh, boy, my list is so long…!

So, for that handful of people who knew us as Sam and Diana – SemDia Photography, we are announcing that it no longer exists. We have changed our business name into Green Antlers Photography, London based wedding and portrait photographers.
This means new name, new website, new logo, new approach. The same us, but, we believe, a bit more prepared for the things to come.  This blog is dedicated to those of you, out there, who are a bit like us, sometimes scared but still daring, who would move mountains (or countries, in our case) to witness dreams coming true, for those who live with the excitement of new adventures to come.

Our new logo is a combination of the things we love and which completely represent us.

We were both raised on farms, surrounded by fields and animals. I am an only child so my best friends in my early age were Bobby and Bambi ( my German Shepherd and my goat friend). To be honest, I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood and my parents are still very keen on reminding me how I used to come home late, with my shirt full of berries, how I climbed every possible tree in the forest nearby and how I would bring back every hurt little being I could find. I actually survived back then without Facebook! :)
I think nature gives me the freedom to laugh out loud, to get messy, to find little treasures and just be a kid again.

Sam, on the other hand, is the youngest of three boys. You can imagine his childhood. It involved handmade wood swords, being forever teased and challenged by older brothers and breaking windows- same window- three times- in the same day. But he turned out to be this amazing man that I am blessed to spend my life with, who makes me laugh more than anyone, who is the kindest and caring husband I could have ever dreamed of.
He is so drawn to wildlife, and gets really excited every time he sees a wild animal and watches any documentary on National Geographic, Animal Planet,YouTube there is!

This is what Green Antlers represents: our love for nature and wild animals.

Therefore, I am leaving here a reminder stone, because it served us well, and now it’s time to grow up and embrace change!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Sam and Diana