What should you expect?

We don't need to become BFF's. But imagine us as your long lost cousins, that you're actually glad to see at the wedding!

We blend in straight away and we're super fun, too!

Keeping things nice and simple

From the very first “Hello”, we aim for you to have the best experience with your wedding photographer. No strange stories to tell your friends, just a big smile on your faces when you remember us.

Think of us as Speed Dating…? We’re about to become pretty close pretty fast.
The more you relax with us, the better the results! It really goes both ways!

For that to happen, we need you to TRUST us.

You don’t need to send us a Pinterest board with your favourite wedding photos (unless it’s wedding decorations which I love!) and we don’t need a set list of photos we MUST take.
We’ll document things as they happen, so all you need to do is enjoy and be present.

Just Started the wedding planning process and don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered with that, too!

We’ve been to so many weddings, we could write a book with all the things we’ve learned. Instead, we’re posting lots of fresh content almost weekly to help you with your planning process and enjoy your experience! 

Check our Wedding Planning Page for all that good stuff!


7 Steps to Work With Us!

1. Sign Contract

2. Pay 30% deposit

3. Wedding Consultation

4. Wedding Bells!

5. Pay 70% Remainder

6. Receive Online Gallery

7. Order Products / Album Design