Private Property Marquee Wedding | DANIEL + MARY

Private Property Marquee Wedding
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I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this private property marquee wedding! Daniel + Mary are extremely lovely and such a gorgeous looking couple, isn’t it? Also, just looking at their party pictures makes me wanna dance (and believe me, that’s not a view you would want to see!).

The morning started off really relaxed, with the boys staying at this massive AirBnB in Somerset with a private lake and canoe which they had to try, of course! In the meantime, the girls were getting pretty at Mary’s parents private property in Somerset, a stunning property where their marquee wedding reception was due to be held after the church wedding ceremony.

They had SO much fun all night long and everyone present did some ridiculous dance moves! Because of Daniel’s jewish heritage, they also had their guests lifting them up in the air, whilst the couple was seated on chairs. Now that’s something every wedding should have, in my opinion!

Somerset wedding photographer: Green Antlers Photography
Church: St. Mary The Virgin
Flowers: The Rose Shed


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