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London Hidden Gems and Photo Shoot Location Ideas


Really useful post. Just like to ask you from your experience if I am planning for shoot to update portfolio do I still required license for location Hampstead Pergola & Hill Gardens.. Thanks

If it’s a commercial shoot, you would definitely need a license. Best to check their website for details. But for more personal stuff, everybody can use their cameras, right? ;)

This post has been sooo useful. Beautiful photos!

Thank you so much Thanai!! Enjoy discovering new places in London!!

Hi there, very cool thanks for sharing. in south bank I really like that building with the beige collumns and grey marble. I am not recognising it. which one is it? thanks.

Wow! What a lovely and cool places London is!. This is the best that I’ve ever seen.

Hi there,
I absolutely love this article you two put together. It’s brilliant and soo so helpful.

Can you be kind as to answer which locations you needed a permit for ?

Hey Alexandra! Thanks so much, glad it helps! Regarding your Q- it is London after all, they require a permit for just about any patch of land. But it also depends what aort of photography you are doing, as nowadays, everyone has a camera, and it is legal to take pictures in (most) public places. You just need to do some research beforehand. Good luck!

I love this article! It’s so helpful for people new to London! I am planning an editorial with a few models and I expect to have to pay to use these locations as I will need to set up some lights and stuff. Do you have any idea how much I should expect to pay for Pergola Gardens or St. Dunstan in the East?


Hey Matt! Glad it helps! I truly don’t know prices as it’s smth I never personally did. I’d say to give them a call or email, they should be able to send you the info. I’ve seen photographers with lights in both locations, so I’m sure it’s possible. Good luck!


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