I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have a hard time coping with big cities. Take me to a forest and leave me there and I’ll jump with excitement. I even had dreams of having to survive on a remote island… Yes, I know I live in London but that does not mean I am out in the city every day, walking on Southbank, going to cafés and shopping on Oxford street. No, no, no! I am more than happy to be home in my pyjamas, working on my laptop. But when I NEED to be out, places like Petersham Nurseries just feel my heart with joy!

There’s places in London that I discover and I just want to shout out from the rooftops to get everyone there or just keep them all to myself so it can be my secret escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

How could I keep such an amazing place a secret (well, it is a public venue, restored and open since 2000), but can we just pretend I discovered it first? Because that’s exactly how it felt entering Petersham Nurseries. I was surprised at every corner. A café, garden centre, restaurant, store and wedding venue amongst many other things, this place is almost magical.

It was so worth the visit, even more so after walking all the way from our home to Richmond Park and then on a quest to find this hidden gem (now that’s commitment!). And the best part? Richmond Park is literally across the street!

Petersham Nurseries, I think you’re one of my favourite hidden gems in London (or maybe I was just a bit late to the party). I’m so happy to share this place with you, people who make time to read my little live journal.

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