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If there is anything I would do as a full time job, that’s traveling the world. I could write that in my CV- Profession: Explorer. Every single town and hidden village there is, I want to see it and eat their food.

A tip, if you don’t want to break the bank to do that, Airbnb is the place to go for. You end up having way more fun than in any expensive hotel you could go to and you get to feel the culture’s pulse by living with a person who knows more about that place you could never find out by reading any Travel Guide. You might also get some free dinner, if you’re lucky. :)

When Paris came as an opportunity to go to, we jumped right in at the occasion, although it was just before Winter holidays and we were due to get back after New Year’s Eve. Paris at Christmas sounds romantic, right? That’s why Paris is always a good idea.
Anyways, we got there and ended up staying with a lovely French girl and her cat. That’s when I realised why I could never have a pet in the house and have it sleep in my bed. But that’s another story.
This is how our journey began, very early in the morning…

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The first place we really wanted to see was Notre Dame Cathedral and it did not disappoint. We arrived there in the evening, just before the mass service began and along with few hundreds people, we assisted the service.
If the walls could tell a story, they would probably whisper about the hundreds of craftsmen who dedicated years in their lives to raising it up and all the prayers and tears that were shed in there. The cathedral is over 800 years old but stands more beautiful and imposing than ever.
Notre Dame is a cathedral worthy of France’s largest city and a place I’ll remember for sure.

Notre dame Cahtedral in Paris FranceInside Notre dame church Paris FranceInside Notre dame church Paris France

I love this quote by Oscar Wilde ”I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” This is how I want to live my life- worth remembering and inspiring others. I’m still working on that and probably will do this all of my life as it is a long journey but it has been an adventure so far.

Oscar Wilde Quote and Tour Eiffel Picture in Paris France

We got to spend Christmas day in Paris, out of all places. Usually, it’s a time spent with family, with dear friends, around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  This year was different for us. It was just the two of us. And Le Tour Eiffel  (I always try to say this with a French accent, it makes me feel cooler) was our Christmas tree for a few minutes. I wonder what next year brings.

Tour Eiffel by Paris wedding photographers

While in Paris, one must visit Champs-Elysées; it’s a classic. It is basically a wide long street with expensive shops on the left and right. My advice, the best time for that is at night. First of all because there is absolutely no chance a girl can spend money in the hundreds of expensive shops along the street (luckily for my husband) and secondly, because every single light is on, the Arc de Triomphe stands out beautifully lit and Paris is more vibrant than ever.

Champs Elysees by Paris wedding photographers

Next on our list was Louvre Museum… As most of the other places we visited, we only got to see this at night. There were barely any people around and I felt like the whole place was there just for us.  I can’t describe the greatness of the building and how small you feel in the garden, surrounded by walls impregnated with history that lasted hundreds and hundreds of years.

Paris travel photographs of Louvre Museum in Paris FranceParis France Guide

If you plan to go to Paris, please go and have a wander at the flea market in North of Paris (Le Marche aux puces) – one of the largest in Europe (or at least that’s the word on the street). Either way, it’s such a beautiful place where you can spend hours and hours walking around quirky shops full of vintage objects, little treasures people kept dearly for years, all kind of weird things you can never expect to find and, as a treat, everyone would welcome you with a big smile and the sweetest accent. It’s a must see.

If my grandma could see the price of these, she would have a big laugh, bless her. I need to pay a visit to my grandparents’ attic, I could make a fortune from all the ‘vintage’ stuff they have. 

Paris Vintage market by Paris photographersNorth Paris Flea market by Paris photographerLe Marche aux Puces Paris flea market Le Marche aux Puces in Paris France Le Marche aux Puces Paris FranceLe Marche aux Puces Paris France

This wooden floor was just like the one in our dream house. We stopped in the middle of the way and captured this. Because it was more than a wooden floor to us.

Le Marche aux Puces Paris FranceLe Marche aux Puces Paris France Flea market
Le Marche aux Puces Paris France Flea Market

 This made me giggle. Of course that some old rotten chairs are now expensive art because they are called ‘vintage’. I didn’t even ask the price of it, but I am sure that those were way over our budget!

Paris France flea market Marche aux Puces

One of the very few photographs we have together. We were walking around with our camera and out of nowhere, this man with his dirty apron, covered in paint, with ruffled grey hair and the biggest smile you can imagine, came straight to us and started talking with the sweetest French accent and asked us to hand him our camera so he can take a picture of us. It was mostly sign language than words but we were more than happy to comply. So he took this picture I treasure dearly. And then, he left.

Paris France flea market Marche aux PucesParis France flea market Marche aux Puces

Ah, this man is one of the reasons why I’ll remember dearly about Paris and its people. As we were wandering along the narrow streets, we spotted his colourful shop. Had to stop as he was selling amazing looking carpets and for a moment, I was innocent enough to think I might be able to buy one. If I mention the price of a tiny spoon, you will understand why this was out of the question :)

Kindly, he came to us and didn’t take long until we started talking about anything else but carpets. Ten minutes into the conversation, he invited us for a tea, right there, on the old leather sofas, with people walking by. We were immediately charmed by his kindness and started talking and sharing stories. Found out he was a Nomad coming from far East, moving to Paris and giving up his career for love- because love makes you do foolish things. His story ended quite sad as love has different definitions for people. But he shared some really deep stuff with us and kept giving us tea until we could have no more.
He was so excited to share stories and have us there, that we ended up spending the whole day on his leather sofa, drinking tea. At the end of the day, he gave us a small gift and a big hug.

We left there with no carpet but with a story to keep and remember. It’s never about things, but about people. And we all have a story to tell, sometimes we need someone to listen to it…

Paris France flea market Marche aux PucesParis France flea market Marche aux PucesParis France at night time by Paris Wedding Photography

Managed to snap this photograph inside Le Sacre Coeur basilica, just before I was told off with a desperate wave of a lantern in front of my eyes (it’s not like every single person in that place didn’t have a camera or a phone they were taking pictures of , but the poor man had to do his job).

Le Sacre Coeur church in Paris France by Paris Wedding photographer Green Antlers Photography

On our way home, exhausted and excited about things to come, I looked out the window and smiled. I almost felt I should make a wish at the sight of this. Soon after, I feel asleep, because that’s what I do on the roads. :)

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Photographer: Green Antlers Photography