On The Other Side Of The Camera | A Day In Our Life

I love my little family SOOO much! And also love having photos taken simply because I get to keep memories like these for as long as I live. And I can also pass them on to my children.

Like any photographer, we don’t have tons of photos of ourselves unless I beg Sam to take a photo, as we don’t carry our cameras with us much.

So when the opportunity to have a photographer with us All.Day.Long came, I was super excited because I actually get to be in the same photo with my husband and kid.

I honestly wasn’t nervous at all because I trusted Ralu Chase Photography to do her thing and we simply carried on with our day as we usually do. This is how a ‘normal’ day goes for us.

Sam usually is the one waking up earlier than us, goes for a run (recently started) and comes home to make breakfast and tea by 7ish. I am a morning person but also like to be cosy a bit too much so I’m usually the last one out of bed. By 7.30 we should all be downstairs spending some amazing quality time together and also feeding our little dude.

After breakfast, depending on who’s got more urgent work to do, the other one takes Abel for a walk or play in the park. Sam was the lucky one this day and I love how candid the shots are of them just hanging out as they always do.

Lunch time was my favourite part this Summer because we had some delicious harvest from our little garden, so we usually went to pick up some tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, whatever was left in the greenhouse. This truly was a ritual for us daily and I am over the moon to actually have some images of this that I treasure SO SO much. Just a side note, Abel apparently isn’t interested at all in any tomatoes from the shop, unless he picked them himself. This kid knows what he wants, right?!

After lunch Sam or I usually put Abel to sleep so we have few hours of intense work before he wakes up ready for more fun! You learn to be so productive when your time is much more limited!

The region we moved to is so beautiful and we’re surrounded by lush countryside so we’re spoilt with choices when it comes to going out for walks. On this day, we all went to Broadway Tower, a favourite spot of ours near Broadway village.

Our everyday life isn’t over the top crazy, but it is so special for us and we wouldn’t give these memories for anything!

We’re beyond grateful for these beautiful photographs and can not wait to print them all in an album that I can look through lots and lots! Definitely making one for grandparents too, of course!

Thank you so much Ralu, you’ve been beyond amazing! We could not love this photos more and I feel they show our family so well! See you next year!



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