Most Beautiful Linen Bridesmaids Dresses Etsy

I must admit, when I started writing this article, I thought it would be a breeze. It can’t be that hard to find at least 4 incredible Etsy shops making linen bridesmaids’ dresses. After (a lot) of research it turned out to be much trickier than I thought.

Whenever I recommend something on the blog, it needs to fulfill quite a few requirements first- needs to be a well-established Etsy shop, must have great reviews, beautiful product photography so the items are clear, start with Shops based in England ( thank you Brexit!).

I actually thought there will be so many bridesmaids linen dressmakers in the UK, I will have too many options! Apparently, there aren’t! I am still researching and will make sure to update this list whenever I find some more options. But because I could only find one shop to fit the requirements, I will recommend this one for now. Also, I am going to add some flower girls’ linen dress options to the list, they seem to be easier to find in the UK.

However, there is one country I was extremely impressed with the number of stunning shops there are and also the quality of the products they offer! I personally knew about a few of these options because I had dresses from them in the past. Lithuania is by far the leader in bridesmaids’ linen dresses on this list.

The good news, though, is that they do offer worldwide shipping! I am sure things will be more clear regarding import tax and if it’s necessary for everything ordered from abroad. These are things to ask the shop owner, of course. We will still recommend these Etsy stores we love so much and hope you do, too!

 Linen Bridesmaids Dresses From Etsy

Etsy Shops Shipping from the UK


Since we only recommend one Etsy store in the UK offering linen dresses, we are going to show you several designs, we fell in love with!

Their dress designs are based on the classical 50’s silhouette in a contemporary setting. I absolutely love them and definitely think these types of dresses would change the entire look of the bridal party. Have you seen the deep cut back with buttons, too? How stunning is that? So rare to find dresses designed like this nowadays, in the high street shops.

You can also find a Liberty floral fabric option for these dresses and I think it is fabulous! Honestly, so simple yet chic and would extremely well for Summer weddings! I can only imagine seeing a few girls all dressed in this type of dress!

The best part is that you would get to wear these linen dresses on many other occasions, not just for one wedding, like many bridesmaids’ dresses are designed for.

I don’t even know I could just between the two designs here, they are so beautiful!




Etsy Shops Shipping from Europe and around

TsiomikKids, Kyiv

This store offers beautiful linen bridesmaids’ dresses as well as flower girl dresses. The best part about these Etsy shops is that they can also do custom-made orders, which means you get to choose the color and even make changes to the design if you wanted.

I personally love the sleeves of this dress as well as the color! What a gorgeous Autumn bridesmaids dress this would be!

burgundy etsy bridesmaids linen dress burgundy etsy linen dress uk

Images by TsiomikKids


Son de Flor, Lithuania

Son de Flor is a really popular shop I see on Instagram all the time. They do plenty of options for linen dresses you can choose from. I thought I’d show you this image of their bridesmaids’ linen dresses. It should give you a clear idea of what it would look like to have your bridesmaids wearing linen dresses instead of high street designs.

And why not, all of these shops also offer white linen dresses, which would make for a gorgeous and unique wedding dress! If only I knew about this years ago, for my own wedding!


bridesmaids linen dresses etsy
Son de Flor


Linen ID studio, Lithuania

What I love most about Etsy shops is that you find designs to suit very different styles. For example, I loved Linen ID studio for their Summery type linen dresses which may seem really comfy and on the casual side, but imagine this for a beach wedding. Or for a wedding abroad with some boho flowers and cute sandals? I would wear this in a heartbeat!

I wanted to share different linen dress options and designs because there are no rules when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses. What seems very relaxed for some, could be the perfect choice for others, so I hope this article gives you an idea of what you could opt for.

Also, remember you can order these dresses in any other color, so don’t be stuck on just the beige one we are showing here. I am seriously contemplating getting this dress should we have another good Summer!


grey linen dress bridesmaids dress idea of etsy
Image by Linen ID studio


Mantaikotai, Lithuania

Oh, if I could have Mantaikotai as my personal stylist, I seriously would! I love every single piece they make and would completely switch my wardrobe for their high-quality linen clothes if I could!

They have so many gorgeous options for bridesmaids’ linen dresses, which I think you will love! Also, can you imagine a forest wedding wearing a white linen dress and a flower crown? Absolutely, yes! We try our best to make more sustainable choices in our daily lives as well as support small businesses better. So wearing a stunning linen dress for an event would make quite a statement!

Would highly recommend them for your bridesmaids or even wedding dress!

maxi dress long linen dress for bridesmaids of EtsyImage by Mantaikotai


Linen Handmade Studio, Lithuania

What a stunning design, isn’t it? Linen Handmade Studio makes gorgeous linen clothes everyone is raving about! This studio is also based in Lithuania but they offer worldwide shipping!

Loved this design in particular because it was so different from others we’ve been posting and it truly looks like the perfect bridesmaids dress for a Summer or a beach wedding. It even has cute little pockets! The high neck makes it really elegant, despite it being a very comfortable linen fabric. I love everything they make and you should definitely check them out.

Image by Linen Handmade Studio


Love and Confuse, Lithuania

We wanted to add another beautiful Etsy shop to our list, Love and Confuse. They offer hundreds of designs and beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses that could be worn for any occasion.

Particularly loved this lilac off-the-shoulder linen dress. So simple yet so beautiful. I can easily imagine this with a girl wearing a flower crown and some pretty sandals.

It truly depends on what you imagine your bridal party to look like, but if you wanted something more special and different from other weddings, this is certainly a great option!

lilac linen bridesmaids dress with ruffles etsy
Image by Love and Confuse


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This article contains a few affiliate links meaning, at NO additional cost to you, I can earn a small commission if you make a purchase of any of the products. We would only recommend things we trust and have seen work at other events. Our aim is to make life easier for you, saving you lots of time and research.




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