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Merriscourt Barn Wedding Cotswolds


Weddings are meant to be a fun celebration for friends and family gathered to witness the union of the bride and groom. That sounds like a dictionary description but isn’t it true?

If you can’t tell from the wedding photos, I can certainly say that this Merriscourt barn wedding in the Cotswolds was one of the most fun we’ve been this Summer! From the wonderful wedding venue, Merriscourt Barn,  that we also recommend on our website, to having so much fun in the evening, we could not wait to share this Cotswolds wedding!

Although the bride made everyone a bit nervous in church, as she arrived fashionably late, she made quite an entrance and kept her smile throughout the evening!
A huge shoutout to one of the most beautiful wedding decorations by an amazing Cotswold wedding florist, Vervain Flowers. They’re an incredibly talented team so definitely check them out!

One of my favourite parts was the Heads and Tails game they did at the very beginning of the reception, which I thought was a brilliant way of starting off the very relaxed atmosphere and getting lots of fun reactions from people! Wish I had thought of this for our own wedding!

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Cotswolds wedding photographer: Green Antlers Photography
Cotswold wedding florist : Vervain Flowers 
Wedding Venue: Merriscourt Wedding Barn


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