Maximise Your Marketing by Being Kind // London Wedding Photographer

One of the best lessons I’ve learned early on in our wedding photography business was to build a good relationship with the vendors, just as much as with the clients.

So my thoughts today have a lot to do with this, because that’s a great tool to help you maximise your marketing.

In 2014, we shot an alternative garden wedding in Devon. One of the vendors involved, was a Tipi hire company, called World Inspired Tents. We shared some photos of the tipis from the wedding with Layla, their marketing manager and soon after that, the wedding was also published on Rock N’ Roll Bride, as I strongly felt it suited the style of the blog. It was a great exposure for us, for the Tipi company, as well as for any of the vendors involved.

Same year, it also got featured on The Norwegian Wedding Blog. Seeing as it was quite a unique wedding and the photos turned out beautiful, World Inspired Tents also suggested we send some photos to Festival Brides, another beautiful wedding blog for alternative weddings. So we did and it got published AGAIN. During all this time, I was constantly exchanging emails and useful information with Layla, the marketing manager from World Inspired Tents.

If this wasn’t enough, World Inspired Tents also asked for our permission (and the couples’ ) to have the same wedding published in a print magazine – Vow Magazine.

More free marketing? Yes, please!

published in print in Vow Magazine, London wedding photographer Green Antlers Photography

Let’s go over all the steps we took to maximise our marketing:

  1. Shot the wedding of Hattie + Sam

  2. Emailed photos to the couple + vendors

  3. Published wedding on Rock N’ Roll Bride

  4. Published wedding on The Norwegian Wedding blog

  5. Kept in touch with World Inspired Tents – built an online friendship based on sharing info

  6. Wedding published on Festival Brides

  7. Wedding published in print by Vow Magazine

I know it seems like a whole lot of work! But, to be honest, it only meant writing e-mails and being kind.
The result? Great exposure, free marketing and a new vendor I’ve built a good relationship with.

If you’re a photographer or a small business owner, I am pretty sure there are at least 3 things you can do to get the ball rolling and get some free marketing to grow your business. 

And always remember to be kind.