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Marquee Wedding | Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer


There’s times when we are in the mids of a wedding day and it feels like an out of this world experience. Well, this was one of those times…

Sophie is a special kind of friend who has such a gift of spreading joy and love around her and I don’t even think she knows how wonderful she actually is.
We were so fortunate to spend some time with her and couple more friends, road-tripping in Transylvania last year. That’s when I saw her caring heart even deeper.

When we were asked to shoot alongside a star photographer and friend, Deborah Grace Photography, I could barely hold my excitement.  I knew it was going to be a unique experience. First of all because it’s an honour to shoot with this talented girl and secondly because it was meant to be a memorable marquee wedding. I just knew it in my heart.
Having met Paul, a handsome South African guy, my heart smiled as I was so thrilled to see them together! They were walking towards us, holding his arm around her neck, a boy taller than beautiful Sophie, as I didn’t think that would ever be possible!

A marquee wedding on the gardens of her parent’s home, it was the perfect setting for an intimate and wonderfully simple wedding. With music sang by some amazing artists and people, the entire nature was celebrating alongside the bride and groom, as the wind was blowing and rejoicing in those worship tunes.

But the moment when I almost cried with joy (you’d understand me if you were there), was when we all drove up to White Horse Hill, to which clings the legend that it was on its summit that Saint George slew the dragon. The wind was blowing so hard and despite the cold (which they braved so well) it was the most magical moment. Their sun-kissed hair and face were glowing and the dress was embracing her body as if angels were dancing around them.

Paul and Soph: “May you come to see that God is here right now with us all of the time. May you come to see that the ground you are standing on is holy. And as you slow down, may you become aware that it is in ‘Yod,’ ‘Heh,’ ‘Vav,’ ‘Heh’ that we live and we move and we breathe.”

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Thank you to everyone who made this day happen:

First shooter : Deborah Grace Photography
Second shooter: Green Antlers Photography
Pizza van: Well Kneaded Wagon
Food truck: Slow Fire London


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