8 Reasons Why You Need Mad Hat Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Wedding photographer booked? Great!
What about Mad Hat Photo Booth?


We love shooting weddings in a candid, documentary way. But the moment we realised people were 10x more relaxed in front of a photo booth with a shiny backdrop behind, everything changed.
That’s why we love Mad Hat Photo Booth so much and we thought it would be good to explain the advantage of having our photo booth for your day.

mad hat photo booth cotswolds photo booth hire for weddings and events

Why hire Mad Hat Photo Booth


1. People are clearly much more relaxed when they can pose with a prop or act silly

2. Photo booths are a form of entertainment whilst wedding photography documents the day as it goes

3. A booth does an instant print, while for photography you’d need to wait a while for your photos, of course

4. Mad Hat Photo Booth is an excellent ice breaker during your wedding reception! Tried and tested!

5. Because we’re shiny! ( Yes, we watched Moana too many times) But sequins backdrops have been everyone’s favourite from day 1

6. Photo booths can offer gifs to send via email. It’s 21st century, am I right?

7. Booth images are also brilliant for social media and they can be shared straight away!

8. With a photo booth hire, you can go the extra mile and have lots of fun an crazy props for your guests

cotswolds photo booth hire for weddings and events with sequins backdrop

If you want to know the entire story on how we started this new venture, you can read the entire story on our blog.

The conclusion? Your wedding photographer and a photo booth hire offer two completely different outcomes and memories of your wedding day.
We would never dismiss one for the other.

But together? Let’s get the party started!


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