From London Life to the Cotswolds Countryside

London Life to the Cotswolds Countryside | Spring in the Village


I believe change is meant to bring growth. One way or another, when we’re going through big changes, something within us also needs to transform. Whether that’s the way you think, feel or live, it’s about moving forward and not being stuck in your ways or in your comfortable bubble.

This is probably the third time in my life when we get to start over and each time, it was full heartedly and not looking back. From leaving my parents safe home to embracing student life, to changing countries and getting married (all in the same year) and to now leaving a quite comfortable life in London for something more simple – more peaceful – more meaningful.

With Abel coming into our lives and changing us completely, it was time we reconsidered our lifestyle.

We absolutely loved being in London and meeting some of the best and most inspiring humans who we dearly treasure, but somehow, we never quite belonged there.
We were never interested in the most hip cafes in Shoreditch (we don’t even drink coffee) or the coolest restaurants in Borough Market (although, we’re massive foodies) but London is only a drive away after all. What made me so excited, though, was the asparagus festival in the area or getting fresh fruits and veggies from the local farmers.

We decided city life just wasn’t making any more sense for our little family and we wanted Abel to grow wild and free, no ballet lessons at 4 and no concrete jungle everywhere you looked.
Now, we open the window and we can smell manure and see the sheep grazing, people say ‘Hi’ to you on the street and we get to buy free range eggs from a tiny box in the farmer’s front garden.

Our village in the Cotswolds countryside has one local shop, a church whose bells ring every Thursday late into the night, a very old pub and a moving post office (which, apparently, is a van that drives around every couple of days). It’s so quirky and sweet you can’t not love it. It’s not the land of milk and honey, but I think it’s pretty darn close.

It’s Spring in the village.

Lambs are slowly appearing on the fields and buds are starting to bloom, bringing excitement in the air. We have a greenhouse filled with pots of seedlings that hopefully will turn into food. My heart is very happy. Although this may not be our final stop, it is home for now and I am enjoying every bit of dirt under my nails.
After a very thorough consideration and observation, I strongly believe there’s more sheep than humans in this area.

We’re beyond grateful to be destination wedding photographers and to be able to work from home, that’s why we could take this leap. We will still travel to London for weddings, but for now, a tiny village in the Cotswolds countryside is our home. You can find us next to the sheep field, of course.


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