Jaw-dropping Wedding Jewellery Finds for Brides

Having to make constant decisions for your wedding, can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Especially when it comes to wedding jewellery for brides. There are just so many incredible options and ideas, the sky is the limit. OR the budget, of course.

As always, I have found that Etsy is the first place where brides go for jewelry and there truly is everything you can possibly imagine.

I have rounded up the most gorgeous Etsy jewellery finds to complement your wedding dress. You can see a mix of styles – classic, boho, traditional, minimal. For each of them, I share personal favorite items or wedding jewelry we have seen while shooting so many weddings in the past.

Please note, all images used in this article are from the Etsy sellers’ account, so all credit goes to them.

Bridal earrings

Probably the most popular piece of jewellery for a wedding would be bridal earrings. Some wedding dresses don’t even need a necklace or such because of their intricate design, but bridal earrings can complement any type of look.

My personal favorite would be the boho bridal earrings, for sure. I’m the girl who dropped her heels minutes after the ceremony and walked barefoot in the grass all day long. So boho wedding style, all the way. But I was also equally impressed by some jaw-dropping designs you can find on Etsy.

Honestly, you can scroll for hours for the perfect wedding jewellery and you’d have quite a few options to choose from. Prices for wedding earrings vary so much! From £20 to hundreds of pounds for real gold or real stones.

To be fair, though, you can find some expensive-looking earrings, for not much at all. However, if you’re thinking to pass your wedding jewellery as an heirloom to your children, it does come at a cost, of course. Luckily, everything is on one pretty website, so let me show you my favorite Etsy bridal earrings for your wedding!

Bridal drop earrings

wedding jewellery earrings

Emilia Rae Bridal | £28.00

Bridal pearl earrings

 Wander and Lust Jewelry | £77.40+

Bridal boho earrings

wedding jewellery boho earrings

LioraB Jewelry | £55.91

Boho beaded earrings

 Joanna Reed Bridal | £128.00+

Pearl heart luxury earrings

 Gibson Bespoke | £70.43

Bridal vintage earrings

 Aya Jewellery | £169.78

Ear climber earrings

Bloom Boutique UK | £18.00

Swarovski round hoop earrings

 Treasures570 | £104.72

Bridal floral earrings

 A Dream Twig | £37,64

Wedding Necklaces

Another item of bridal jewelry is the necklace, of course. What I love about this is that it comes in so many shapes and forms! Depending on your dress, it can be the centerpiece for your wedding jewelry or it can simply add a touch of femininity, without asking for too much attention. Either way, these are some stunning Etsy bridal necklaces you could choose from.

Necklaces are also beautiful and quite inexpensive bridesmaids’ gifts. If you have a bridal squad, they always love getting matching necklaces or bracelets. Etsy is definitely the perfect place to find your bridal and bridesmaids’ jewelry from.

Bridal drop necklace

 Britten Weddings | £48.00+

Bridal freshwater pearl necklace

Wander and Lust Jewelry | £25.50+

Collar crystal statement bridal necklace

 Gibson Bespoke | £399.85

Boho bridal necklace

 Joanna Reed Bridal | £46.00+

Bridal 14K gold star necklace

 Elk and Bloom UK | £43.67+


The final piece of bridal wedding jewellery to share is the wedding bracelet, of course. Pearls and diamonds are the most popular options for bridal bracelets, so here is a roundup of some of our favorites. as always, they can always be bought for your bridesmaids, as well.

There are so many Etsy wedding bracelets you can find, but I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming with so many options. Hope you find your favorite!

Delicate pearl bracelet

Soul and Silva | £23.33

Adjustable Wedding bracelet

 Rebeka Jewelry | £91.88

Rose gold crystal bracelet

 Emilia Rae Bridal | £32

Dainty Pearl Bracelet with 14k Gold Filled Fine Chain

(Perfect for bridesmaids gifts, too!)

Polly A Jewellery | £17.00

Handmade by Mevva | £20.99+

Wedding Jewellery Sets

If you don’t want to keep shopping for different pieces of jewelry, you can simply get a jewellery set for your wedding! This way, you know for sure the jewelry perfectly matches and you don’t need to look for anything else.

We personally love Emilia Rae bridal, a dedicated Etsy shop for bridal jewelry and accessories I think you will love, as well. But once you start your search, you will probably discover so many incredible Etsy sellers for your dream wedding jewelry!

Crystal wedding jewellery earrings and necklace set

Emilia Rae Bridal | £72

Wedding pearl earrings and bracelet bridal set

Biano Accessories | £55.09+

Diamond necklace and earrings bridal set

Grace Silver Jewellery | £40

These are our absolute favorite jewelry for brides! We will update the list if we discover a new designer we love on Etsy, of course!

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