Harvest Moon Holidays Wedding | PART 1

First Two Days of a Three Days Wedding Celebration at Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland


You believe planning a one day wedding is hard work? What about planning a three days event? I’d be seriously worried only thinking about this!
Not this girl, though!

Amy planed for such a fantastic experience for everyone coming from miles away, kept them fed and tied the knot with her loved one, all in one weekend. These guys are just so inspiring!

The challenge was to also plan all this in Scotland, whilst they were working extremely busy jobs in London. Luckily, Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland was not only the perfect spot for all of their needs but it was also in full mushroom season! My heart almost bursts with joy…

Here’s a bit of what happened on the first day.
After everyone met at the train station ( hard to miss a big bunch of people, all wearing Scottish outfits , some more than others), they were taken to Winton Castle. This is an incredible private events venue near Edinburgh, Scotland. They had staff organising highland games, a tour of the Castle, whisky tasting was had and obviously, lots of drinks.

Everyone got the chance to play like true Scotsman used to and laugh their socks off. Nothing makes for better pictures than guys throwing haystacks with a pitchfork while wearing a skirt.

Once whiskey was also finished, we all headed for Harvest Moon Holidays. This location is such a gem just 45 minutes from Edinburgh. They offer glamping by the beach in tree houses, safari tents and a cottages, a marquee for your wedding celebration and the sound of the sea in the background. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

If you keep scrolling, I’ll explain how day 2 was planned for their guests.
If you want to jump straight to their incredible wedding day, you should simply check this blog post!


This was only the beginning, if you can imagine! What’s best is yet to come!

Because most people were coming from Australia or they were Australians, the couple planned for them to have very diversified experiences, based on their likes, as well. Therefor, people had the option of choosing playing golf in the morning or going for a long walk, doing a tour of a village and visiting some ruins.
It all ended with burgers , beer and ice-cream. A pretty fantastic morning!

After that, back to Harvest Moon for some cricket on the beach, good vibes and a bonfire. Pizza was involved and everyone got even more excited for next day – THE WEDDING DAY!

But we’re going to share their Harvest Moon Holidays wedding in Scotland and the absolute whimsical outdoor wedding ceremony on another post!

Hope it gave you some ideas if you’re planning a several days wedding celebration.

It Is So Much Fun!!

Scotland wedding photographer : Green Antlers Photography
Venue: Harvest Moon Holidays Scotland