Frøyland Orstad Church Wedding Stavanger | AGNES + SINDRE

Frøyland Orstad Church Wedding | Stavanger Wedding Photographer


A day filled with so much laughter like we rarely experienced. One of the happiest brides ever, Agnes married her best friend, Sindre, at Froyland Orstad Church in Stavanger.
The day started with a VW Campervan driving the gorgeous bride wearing a Maria Schei wedding dress, along with her beautiful bridesmaids, to each new location.

The wedding ceremony at Time Kirke was emotional and, of course, extremely fun. Although I got the chance to visit quite a few churches in Stavanger, I had never been here and it’s always a sweet surprise when I have the chance to shoot in a Nordic church. There’s something about the mood, the tones and the atmosphere I can’t really describe.

Once the wedding ceremony was finished, we got into the quirky little Campervan and started exploring places around Stavanger for the portrait session. We had to stop on the coast, of course, where we were also greeted by some cows.

I admit I’ve attended many weddings in the past, but whenever I am at a Norwegian wedding party, it’s usually one of the most fun-filled evenings. And I don’t even understand the language! But seeing how everyone brings a contribution to the day, from lots (and lots) of speeches, to games, to bringing the best possible cakes for everyone to eat, to singing or performing in front of the guests, everything makes for an unforgettable day, for sure.

Agnes and Sindre, I can’t say enough how wonderful it was to be there with you and celebrate your love. I don’t think I will soon forget how much fun we had and truly hope our paths cross again. Until then, wishing you a joy-filled life!

groom and groomsmen getting ready for wedding in the morning black and white image of groom getting ready for wedding in his home Frøyland Orstad church wedding

Grooms suit- Tiger of Sweden
Church- Time Kirke
Venue- Frøyland Orstad Kirke
Linen napkins – were sown by my wonderful grandmother
Catering- Kvalbein Gård
All flowers were made by my dad: Amund Holen, who runs his own business.


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