1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! I know, time flies when you’re in love and I don’t blame you for not knowing what to get her or him.

Tradition says that the symbol for the 1st wedding anniversary gift is something made of paper. On the other side, the modern gift is considered a clock (or maybe a watch instead?). It commemorates the passage of time over a very blissful first year of husband and wife.

When it comes to gifts, the sky is the limit really, because there are so many ideas you can find online, especially when it comes to paper wedding gifts. These are more affordable, of course.

A very common online question you can find is “What do you buy for your first wedding anniversary gift?”.

I found this really interesting and sweet table by Truly experiences which shows the type of wedding anniversary gifts by year. Guys, if in any doubt, just save this for each year you need help!

wedding anniversary gift ideas by yearImage credit: Truly experiences


I did not want to overwhelm you with too many ideas, so here are our top 10 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas.

To be honest, most of these gifts would also work for a 1 year anniversary for a boyfriend. Definitely not the wedding album, of course, but maybe a simple anniversary album, celebrating your time together so far.


  1. Wall Print with the constellations on the night of your wedding day

    At first, I wasn’t 100% sure if it was a bit cheesy or totally awesome idea. You decide for yourself.
    Basically, you choose a significant date in your lives together (like a wedding day, of course) and Greater Skies will send you a wall print with the way the constellations were aligned that exact night. If this isn’t the most romantic wedding anniversary gift ever, I don’t know what is. You could order a wall print like this for your wedding anniversary, or for a baby’s birth, too. Either way, I think it is a wonderful idea and I am so sure your wife or girlfriend would think you are the most romantic guy ever.

    Here are some beautiful examples of how the wall prints for your wedding anniversary could look like!

    Stars wall print with the sky on the wedding day- wedding anniversary gift
    Image credit: Greater Skies

    first wedding anniversary gift idea
    Image credit: Greater Skies



  2. First Anniversary photoshoot

    I know, the thought of having an anniversary shoot might actually be a bit scary (for guys). BUT, girls hugely appreciate having professional photos taken together as a couple, especially for an anniversary!
    The only solution is to find a photographer you feel comfortable with and that you trust to make sure everyone has a great experience!
    I would definitely recommend you have a look at the previous portrait sessions we did, you will see everyone looks extremely happy and natural, so it can’t be that bad!

    Bellow, we also recommend some FANTASTIC hotels you can book for your first wedding anniversary gift, so why not combine these two – a relaxing weekend away in the Cotswolds together with a really fun anniversary photoshoot?
    You can always contact us if you have any questions!

    fun engagement photo session in cotswolds
    natural portraits during an engagement session in the forest near Broadway village in The Cotswolds


  3. Wedding album anniversary gift

    If there is nothing else you gift your wife but you find someone to do a wedding album, you’ve got yourself the absolute best wedding anniversary gift possible. Not only for her but also for yourself and for your children even! It seriously is one of the most recommended anniversary gifts if you don’t already have one after your wedding.

    fine art leather cover wedding album by London wedding photographers

    completely flat wedding album sample
    £400 | ORDER HERE

    A genuine leather cover wedding album starts from £400 and we can customize everything according to your suggestions.
    We are more than happy to help you have an incredible wedding or anniversary album you will both love and treasure, even if we did not shoot your wedding.

  4. Book an anniversary trip in the Cotswolds

    If you really wanted to surprise her (and live in the UK), we can not recommend enough an anniversary trip to the Cotswolds. It is known to be one of the most beautiful regions in England and most romantic, too. You can do so many activities or walks you can take or delicious food you can eat while in the area.
    Just to give you an idea, here is just a glimpse of what you can expect to enjoy during your wedding anniversary trip to the Cotswolds. This area truly is stunning and just perfect for any sort of anniversary trip or getaway or honeymoon, of course.

    Click on the images below and it will take you to some of the best hotels for your first wedding anniversary trip! Don’t forget to get in touch with us while here, we’re always happy to recommend places in the area as well as take an anniversary photoshoot for you!

    best honeymoon hotel near bibury, Thyme hotel in the Cotswolds
    Image: Thyme Hotel

    a list of 20 honeymoon hotels in cotswolds
    Image: The Fish Hotel


  5. ‘Reasons why I love you’ cards

    I never thought of this before until I got to see it. And then, I thought it was such a touching memory to have from any wedding anniversary.
    On top of it being a really affordable wedding anniversary gift, it’s just so lovely and sweet. That’s all I can say really, I truly hope you like it as much as I do!

    reasons why i love you first wedding anniversary gift ideas
    £12+ | Buy here or see more details


    special paper gift wedding anniversary gift
    £9.95 | Buy here or see more details


  6. Personalized wall clock

    For some reason, it is said that the modern option for your first wedding anniversary gift is a wall clock. The fun twist would be to get a personalized wall clock with your names/ wedding date engraved if you like the idea.

    wall clock for your first wedding anniversary gift idea

    £33+ | Buy here or see more details

  7. Our love story timeline print

    Another example of a very thoughtful and romantic paper gift idea is this story timeline print you can customize. Start with a list of the most important events in your life and the Etsy artist will create a custom order for you.

    love story wall print wedding anniversary gift idea
    £23+ | Buy here or see more details


  8. Watercolor print anniversary gift

    This image really stopped me on my tracks, so I had to share the idea.
    What you do, you send a wedding photo to the artist on Etsy and you get a personalized custom watercolor print anniversary gift. Such a creative and also absolutely stunning result! Highly recommend it!

    wedding anniversary gift ideas on Etsy
    £30+ | Buy here or see more details


  9. Wall Print

    Another beautiful 1st wedding anniversary gift would be to get one of your favorite wedding photos printed and framed for your wall.

  10. Anniversary cards for him and her

    The most simple anniversary gift to show you didn’t forget is a beautiful anniversary card!
    We highly recommend Etsy shops for this because you can order personalized ones as well (so you made an effort). There are so many beautiful options to choose from!

    personalized wedding anniversary gift card
    £5+ | Buy here or see more details

    If you ask us, we would always choose a funny anniversary card. I mean… look at these examples and tell me they don’t make you smile straight away.

    fun first anniversary gift card
    3.50+ | Buy here or see more details

    funny first anniversary gift card
    £3.59 | Buy here or see more details

    really funny wedding anniversary gift ideas
    £3.50  | Buy here or see more details


There you have it. 10 ideas for your 1st wedding anniversary gift. I am pretty sure that out of them all, there must be at least one you found interesting!
Whatever you get her in the end, don’t forget the flowers! And chocolate, of course. Everything is better when there is chocolate involved.


Happy first wedding anniversary!


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