Film Is Not dead // Says a London Wedding Photographer

It was August, Summer time. We were very lucky to be in Norway, photographing a beautiful barn wedding. But it was more than the wedding day. It was also Sam’s 28th Summer in this world, and boy, am I happy to see him bloom each year, more and more.

The couple had a Fuji Instafix for their photo booth and during a break, we sneaked out to take a photo for their album, as they were also our friends. After 10h+ of standing and taking photographs of everyone present, needless to say we were pretty drained. But I can not describe our excitement whilst holding a 60 x 99 mm  of film, waiting to see our big, tired smiles.

It was as if you were wiping a steamed mirror , trying to see some sort of lines and shadows. Pretty magical. We got so attached to that little picture straight away, we could not leave it there. Don’t worry, we took another for the album.
The next day we got back home, I chose the perfect wooden frame for it and it is now sitting proudly on our shelf, reminding us of that special day. Out of the thousands of images we took so far; this right here is the only one we framed.

Film is no way dead and probably more alive than ever, says a digital wedding photographer. But that moment holding the print made me realise why our parents and grandparents treasure their handful of faded black and white photos from their wedding.

Those images tell stories engraved for generations to come. Stories of great times and people, should be told.

As photographers, we have the power to tell some pretty fantastic stories. Don’t ever take that for granted.
What stories do you get to write or tell?