5 Favourite Photoshoot Locations North Cotswolds

Want to See Our 5 Favourite Photoshoot Locations in the North Cotswolds?


We’ve moved from busy and exciting London to a more peaceful and nature-filled Cotswolds area a few years ago.  Little did we know how much we would love it here. You can read more about the story on our blog.
While in London, we were on a mission to discover some of the best photoshoot locations in London, which was quite exciting and fun. 

All we’ve been doing since we moved to the Cotswolds, is to explore and be in awe of the stunning Cotswolds villages. This region is famous for a reason and it fills our lives with beauty, every single day.  


There are so many manor houses or Cotswolds stone houses one can only dream of and the views are as beautiful as you can imagine. Every time I step out, it feels like being in a postcard. Not a day goes by without being grateful for this place. 


We hope to photograph many couples, families and tourists visiting this area and to show you our most favorite Cotswolds photoshoot locations. The truth is, it’s so hard to pick just 5 Cotswolds photoshoot locations. The list would probably be growing each time we go for a drive. But if you wanted to see a list of 15 locations that are worth a visit (and a photo session) in the Cotswolds, we’ve got you covered, too.

But because we live in the North part of the Cotswolds region, obviously we’ve been scouting more local locations first. 


Worth mentioning, you can’t really get anywhere around here without driving your own car, so keep that in mind when planning your trip to the Cotswolds. 


Broadway Tower

The reason why this is first on our list is that it’s really close to our home and we go for walks here very often. You get gorgeous views of the Cotswolds countryside, a beautiful forest, and two stunning converted barns for a delicious lunch or a hot chocolate (it’s our family’s tradition). It’s the most perfect spot for a family photoshoot, for an engagement session, or a portrait session. We brought so many people here and everyone loved it. 

First off, there’s parking for everyone and although this spot is quite popular in the area, we can easily take you to places where you barely have anyone around. It’s family-friendly as well as perfectly suited for couples who want to come for a getaway in the countryside. There are lots to visit in this area. 

You can also go for nature walks from this spot and of course, you can do the famous Cotswolds walk.

wide portrait of couple during their engagement session in the Cotswolds on the fields of Broadway Tower

Broadway Village

Another stunning Cotswolds village worth the visit and so close to Broadway Tower, is Broadway Village. It’s a good size village with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and the best playground in the area! If you come here with your children, you’ll end up staying for many hours. The fish and chips place is the perfect place to end the day, with good portions for the entire family! Trust my word on this one.
It’s one of our top favorite places to take couples for an engagement shoot or a portrait session because there are some gorgeous nooks and streets without many people walking around. Broadway Village truly incorporates the essence of the Cotswolds countryside. 

Check beforehand the time of year when you plan on visiting, because there’s always a fun event happening in Broadway Village, so you might want to plan for that. 

One tip would be to check out for parking spots ahead of your journey, because they fill up quickly, especially on the weekends! 

Broadway Village Cotswolds Hidden gems

Chipping Campden


I read many articles saying that Chipping Campden is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cotswolds. I would probably disagree with this statement after having seen so many locations around that could probably top this. Even so, it’s definitely on the list of our favorite photoshoot locations in our area. 

Cotswolds is just full of gems and little quirky villages but Chipping Campden is a much larger town, with a beautiful High Street (slightly spoiled by all the cars parked everywhere) and lots of places to eat at. 

Having explored the area a bit more, we have found a few spots away from the town center, with thatched roof houses great for a photoshoot. 

The perks of living in the Cotswolds is getting to know about all these locations tourists wouldn’t normally know about.


Dover’s Hill


This is one of those places, less known by tourists but beautiful for nature walks, with stunning views of the countryside, lots of sheep pooping everywhere and perfect for a breath of fresh air. 

We love to come here because it’s a big open space where kids can run around, with lots of nature and trees, just great for a photo session. 

It’s also great to have a bit of diversity for a photoshoot so we usually take couples to a nice little village and then we drive to a place that’s more out in nature. 

The best part about Dover’s Hill? Free parking! 

Just grab a lunch basket with you and you’ll have some wonderful views for a beautiful picnic in the “wild”. 


Lower Slaughter


Ah, this place made me giggle. We visited it on a rainy summer day and I was completely in love. If you’d like to visit a quaint Cotswolds village, I believe that Lower Slaughters is literally the essence of the Cotswolds. 

Even if you don’t visit anything else, you’d leave from here with a deep appreciation and understanding of the beautiful English countryside. 

You just can’t miss the Lower Slaughter Mill & Café. Just follow the river and you are drawn straight to this location in the heart of the Cotswolds. 

It’s a very small village so you can easily go on foot everywhere around, but it is so worth the visit! 

Because it’s such a small village, it’s also harder to find parking. 

We’d suggest you book a table at The Slaughters Country Inn for a wonderful meal so you can also leave your car and go for a stroll in the village. 

The other option would be to drive to Burton on the Water ( 6 minutes by car from Lower Slaughters) and then walk to Lower Slaughters. There’s a nice trail walk by the river, and it would take you in the heart of this quintessential Cotswolds village. 

I truly hope I’ve convinced you to visit at least one if not all of these beautiful Cotswolds villages. They’re perfect for family walks or photoshoot sessions! Also, so Instagrammable if you’re the type who likes to show off your travels to friends!
We totally did this, too!


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