Expectations vs Reality | Open Letter to Future Clients

Your Expectations vs. The Reality


This is a tough subject and I feel it was time I tried to express my feelings on the idea of expectations vs. reality for your wedding photographs. The importance of light, the idea of natural looking wedding photos, the setting of your wedding and how to best plan for a realistic time management, all discussed bellow to the best of my ability.



I know, you love a good sunset and you even know a bit about golden hour and why that’s the best for wedding portraits. You want tons of photos then, all with the Sun perfectly behind you two as you gently kiss her forehead.

BUT your wedding is planned in the winter time or your wedding speeches are scheduled right when the Sun is coming down and you are not going to leave the table for even 5 minutes, so nobody would notice you missing.

Or, you have organised a city wedding surrounded by skyscrapers so there is no way we could get a glimpse of that Sun for more than 5 minutes, way before it gets that golden light.

If wedding portraits truly matter to you and you love our style of shooting at Sunset, please, please be open to the idea that golden light doesn’t happen in every season (especially in England) or that having an indoor wedding would most likely diminish the chances of getting natural light looking photos.Talking about this…


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Natural looking photos

Paparazzi are some of the best in the world at taking natural looking photographs. Most times, you literally have no idea they are somewhere in a bush, with their mega long zoom lens and next day, you’re first page as you make out with the guy you’ve been trying to hide with from everyone (such a classic, I know).

Well , we’re not paparazzi. We are actually going to pose you like the Kardashians for their annual Christmas card!

The reason why we expect you are paying a professional photographer is that you want more than ‘cheese’ photos or selfie looking pictures, right?

What we are great at, though, is posing you in a natural way, so you look the best version of yourself. That means looking for the most flattering light, angles and location.

While I honestly believe every human is beautiful and unique, we also developed a skill of knowing how to pose both of you in such way that your children will be the proudest showing off their parents wedding album.

We also have a degree in psychology, counselling, event planning, sometimes we’re professional cake decorators and, of course, veil fitters. And we do them all with the outmost joy and pleasure, because we LOVE what we do and we do it with LOVE.


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You may love traveling and nature is your escape from a busy lifestyle or a very demanding job. You are still on our website because you were drawn by the setting, mood, editing style or simply our hilarious jokes(?).

Yet, your wedding is in a stunning 5* hotel or bang on in the centre of London, surrounded by a few overcrowded parks and touristy areas.
We do love the diversity of the city, but we can simply not add forests and mountains in the background. We’re not that type of photographers…
We will, however, find the best light somewhere on a side street or the best looking bush to give the impression we’re in a lush rainforest if that’s what you wish, don’t you worry.

Still, if you always dreamed of having an extravagant wedding in the city, we might not be the best photographers for your needs. Luckily, there’s so many amazing photographers out there, so shoot us an email and we’d happily connect you to them!


Time management

This is probably the most difficult of them all. Because it is your wedding day, all you want to do is to spend it with friends and family, who may have come from very far for you. As photographers, we are extremely aware of light, the shots you may want but that may take longer than you’re willing to set aside for.
At the end of the day, you will be left with a ring on your finger, a husband next to you and hopefully some cake. BUT, one of the first things you will be wondering is ” How are those wedding photos and when are they ready!?”

Well, as much as we understand the importance of being with everyone on the day, we also know that you will want to show people how amazing your wedding was and how beautiful that dress looked on you! For years to come… For that to happen, please give us more than 10 rushed minutes on the day so we can get to capture some memorable images for you and you won’t be left with regrets.

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