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Yes, you read that right. Every Cotswolds wedding barn should be on this list! I like setting myself challenges.

A couple of years ago, I decided to look for London’s hidden gems and it was one of the most rewarding blogs I wrote, as I got so many emails from people who found it very useful!

Now, I am on a different quest. I wanted to visit every Cotswolds wedding barn there is and write about it. I hope it would help you as you’re planning your wedding day in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside!

This time we’re focusing on the Cotswolds area only and, who knows, we may share in the future our favorite wedding barns in the Cotswolds region alone (although this would be a tough one!)

In no particular order, here’s my list of every Cotswolds wedding barn.

(In the slight chance I actually missed any, please drop me an email and I’ll make sure to personally go, photograph it and add it on this list!)


WOW, what a wedding venue! Although it was a chilly wet day when we visited, it was so warm inside due to the underfloor heating and all the fairy lights on the ceiling make you feel like entering a fairy’s house (it is that pretty!)

The wedding barn is cleverly built on 2 levels, so while you can sit down for a dinner with a view of the countryside on the lower level, few steps up. There’s a bar and drinks area as well as the most wonderful industrial kitchen, with open fire and everyone can see what’s being cooked.

Being so versatile, Stone Barn gives you the option to have an outdoor ceremony with the most stunning of views or an indoor wedding ceremony.
For more facts and pictures on Stone Barn, check out the article I wrote with more details.

industrial entrance at Stone Barn wedding venue Cotswoldsindoor wedding ceremony area at Stone Barn Wedding Venue Cotswoldsdrinks area and wedding reception area at Stone Barn wedding venue Cotswoldscopper and wood kitchen at Stone barn Cotswolds wedding venue


A family-run events business, Cripps Barn is one of  7 wedding venues part of Cripps&Co (at the moment this article was written). Made of Cotswolds stone and gorgeous arches, this place is like a fairy tale.
It’s actually impossible not to fall in love with it, hence it gets book so far in advance!

You can check this article and will better understand why!


Cripps Barn wedding venue Cotswolds ceremony area inside Cripps Barn with wooden chairs and greenery in front of fireplacebar area with wood and copper at Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds wedding photographer


This wedding barn in the Cotswolds is absolutely stunning and literally on our doorsteps, so if you plan on having your wedding here, we’re so in!

Lapstone Barn was a farm until the 1980s and went through a slow transformation process, turning it into the incredible wedding venue that it is today. Romantic, secluded and so intimate, this is the perfect location for a smaller, more intimate wedding.

The wedding barn has a stunning extension that can host the wedding reception, with a full-length glass wall, which goes into a beautiful garden space. Did I mention the outdoor area for your intimate outdoor ceremony? It could not be more beautifully designed and again, would make for your intimate event to be truly memorable. If you’re already thinking about your hair and make-up, no need to worry, there’s a perfectly decorated room, created with the bride in mind, so every detail of the wedding is well taken care of.

We’ve also visited Lapstone barn, as it’s so close to where we live so looking forward to shooting weddings here, soon.

chairs in Lapstone Barn for wedding ceremonyround tables with branches in the background for wedding reception at Lapstone Barn Cotswolds
Lapstone barn bridal suit for wedding prep in the morning



This is a dear wedding venue for us as it’s the first Cotswolds wedding venue we shot at, many years back. Little did we know back then that we would end up living minutes away from Mickleton Hills Barn.

Now, it’s under completely new management, having been bought and refurbished by a young couple with such warm hearts. They’re extremely involved in the entire wedding process and take only a limited amount of weddings per year. So waste no time!
There’s now a beautiful extension, perfect for your wedding reception, so the wedding ceremony barn area can remain free for drinks and for your guests relaxing, as well as be the dance floor.
Also, something we rarely get to see at wedding venues is a very well thought children’s area, just outside the newly built. Our own kid would not want to leave when we first visited the place and you can tell why.

We truly can not recommend this place enough and how much it has developed since our last wedding there! For more details, you can see this article I wrote, as well.

canapes area outside mickleton hills farm wedding venue cotswoldsoutdoor area at mickleton hills farm in the cotswoldsreception and dining area at mickleton hills farm wedding venuewedding ceremony barn area at mickleton hills farm wedding venue mickleton hills farm wedding venue children area


As we entered a little countryside road, you are greeted left and right by pheasant, peacocks, and sheep grazing. The owner’s farmhouse follows so you can always be sure anything urgent would be sorted straight away. As you drive a bit up-hill, there’s a massive parking lot, from where you get only a glimpse of what it is to come. Walking nervously down the path, the beautiful Cotswolds stone stairs lead into this incredible stone wedding barn that you just know it will take your breath away.

I love how it’s built with different buildings on all sides, sharing one outdoor garden in the center. At the Barn at Upcote, you’ve got everything you may want, all meters away from one another. Can not wait to get back here for a wedding! For more details on the Barn at Upcote, you can read this other article we posted.

ceremony area at The Barn at Upcote Cotswolds wedding venue The Barn at Upcote Wedding Venue garden area for canapes and entrance to The Barn at Upcote Cotswolds


Another beautiful wedding venue gem in the Cotswolds, The Great Tythe Barn is definitely worth a visit! Cotswolds wedding barns are so popular so the more options you have, the better.

Did you know that 60% of UK weddings are being held in the Cotswolds area? At least that’s the word on the street, so no wonder you need to book SO far in advance! Hint for guys- you better propose about 2 years in advance if you plan on having a Cotswolds wedding. Just saying.

Here’s why we think this wedding venue is pretty awesome!

Cotswolds wedding venue The Great Thythe Barn Cotswolds stone barn The Great Thythe Barn upper lever at The Great Thythe Barn Cotswolds Wedding venue ceremony area inside the stone barn at The Great Thythe Barn


We’re very excited to introduce you to Hyde House, definitely one of the most popular Cotswolds wedding venues!

With it’s newly built, the Grange, Hyde House offers not only a gorgeous wedding venue in the countryside but also something a bit modern and fresh! If you are looking for something different from the typical red brick barns, then this is definitely an option you should check!

I absolutely love their attention to detail and how versatile this wedding venue is due to its simplicity. And yet, the wood, the clean lines, and the wooden beams stand out so beautifully so you don’t need much to create a beautiful experience for your guests.

Here are more reasons why you need to have this venue on your list.

Hyde House Wedding Barn Cotswoldsoutdoor and garden area of The Grange at Hyde House BarnCotswolds wedding photographers Hyde House BarnCotswolds Wedding Photographerhyde house wedding reception area


Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding in the Cotswolds countryside? Well, look no more. The Kingscote Barn has an outdoor area designed especially for that.

A privately-owned wedding barn nestled in the Cotswolds Hills, has glorious views of the countryside! Should you live in the big city, this is the perfect escape for both you and your guests! We were very lucky to shoot here already and again, a place we’d definitely recommend.

I know, this isn’t making your life easier with so many great options!

The Kingscote Barn Wedding venue garden and barbeque area at The Kingscote Barn Wedding venue in Cotswolds kingscote barn wedding photographer reception area at kingscote barn wedding venue cotswolds outdoor wedding ceremony area at The Kingscote Barn Wedding venue


Isn’t the Cotswolds countryside spoiled with beautiful wedding barns? It sure seems like it is! Merriscourt Barn is another gem in the Cotswolds countryside we were extremely lucky to visit and shoot a wedding at.

I love how beautiful the old is combined with the new here, from the stone wedding barn area to the white and wooden beams barn section for the wedding reception. They also have lovely grounds for your canapés and outdoor pictures as well as on-site accommodation.

It’s definitely on our list of highly recommended wedding venues in the Cotswolds.

Want to see more stunning pictures of Merriscourt barn?

outside Merriscourt Barn Cotswolds wedding venue Chipping Norton by Cotswolds wedding photographersgarden and patio area at Merriscourt Barn wedding venue by wedding photographer Cotswoldstable decorations and layout for Summer wedding at Merriscourt Barn Chipping Norton by Cotswolds wedding photographer | Green Antlers Photography stone wall decorations with flowers and candles in the Stone Barn for wedding at Merriscourt Barn by Cotswolds wedding photographer | Green Antlers Photography


An organic family farm barn, Oxleaze barn is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a Cotswolds wedding venue. You have the option for both an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony (weather permitting).

I mean, what’s not to love here? Cotswolds stone, high ceilings, wooden beams, and tons of photo opportunity in the area, Oxleaze barn is one of those places you will fall in love with instantly.

We’re yet to visit this venue so no images have been uploaded at this point for copyright reasons. Please check online for the location! It’s gorgeous!



Planning a larger wedding gathering? Do you also want a more eco-friendly environment and venue? Then Winkworth farm is the place you’d be looking for!

A family-owned wedding venue at the edge of the Cotswolds countryside, surrounded by pastured, gardens and meadows. Perfect both for indoors and outdoors wedding ceremonies as well as on-site accommodation for your close family or friends. You can also choose to hire glamping for your guests if that’s something you fancy. The options are quite limitless and the venue is extremely accommodating to the couple’s needs. Definitely worth checking their website for more info!

We’re yet to visit this venue so no images have been uploaded at this point for copyright reasons. Please check online for the location!



If you were to ask me what’s my favourite barn, I seriously could not decide. So many different options, all creative and different, makes for a very hard decision but also helps a lot in case other options are booked.

One of the last on our list, but by no means least, Caswell House is another incredibly restored wedding venue in the Cotswolds countryside. With Cotswolds stone walls, amazing food (that’s the word on the street), and beautiful grounds, including an ancient orchard and walled gardens. A very romantic setting for quite a romantic event, I’d say!

We’re yet to visit this venue so no images have been uploaded at this point for copyright reasons. Please check online for the location!


This is quite an interesting wedding venue in the Cotswolds. A bit different from the other venues, if you’re planning a marquee wedding in the countryside. Jenners barn offers a wedding barn for music and dancing, as well as a marquee for dining.

The barn looks out on open countryside so you can even opt for free camping if you’re the outdoorsy type! This is definitely something quite unique for a Cotswolds wedding venue!

We’re yet to visit this venue so no images have been uploaded at this point for copyright reasons. Please check online for the location!



So let’s do a quick recap: we have 13 wedding barns on our list so far. If there are others that we’re missing, we apologize and promise to update the list immediately!

  1. Stone Barn
  2. Cripps Barn
  3. Lapstone Barn
  4. Mickleton Hills Farm
  5. The Barn at Upcote
  6. The Great Tythe Barn
  7. Hyde House
  8. The Kingscote Barn
  9. Merriscourt Barn
  10. Oxleaze Barn
  11. Winkworth Farm
  12. Caswell House
  13. Jenners Barn


Now, which one is your favorite, though?
Need a Cotswolds photographer? We might be able to help!



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