Unique bridesmaids gifts ideas from Etsy for 2021

This bridesmaids gifts guide is for you if you want to find something that not only suits your style but also feels that extra special. We have gathered all sorts of fair trade, sustainably made, or handmade ideas that will make your bridal party feel so loved and appreciated!

When it comes to bridesmaids’ jewelry gifts, we have seen several different trends. Some brides like to get all the bridesmaids the same necklace, same earrings, or the same bracelet. Obviously, the maid of honor can have something slightly different. But there are also other types of gifts you will find here, like the Eco-Friendly pamper box, a Spa pamper box and lots more!

You can also find a list of best groomsmen gift ideas we highly recommend you check.

We all need a bit of inspiration when it comes to planning a wedding!

If you’re an avid Etsy buyer like me, you can also my list of favorites here.

Maid of Honour proposal jewelry

You don’t need to always get something expensive in order to ask your bridesmaid/maid of honor to be part of your squad. They already know they are as they’re your besties, so a smaller gift will be just as appreciated.

Maid of honor lapel pin

Maid of Honour Proposal Gift

£3.99 | See more details or buy here

Bridesmaid knot jewelry

A sweet and inexpensive way to ask your closest friends to be part of your wedding day is by offering a Bridesmaid knot jewelry.

£ 9.99 | See more details or buy here

silver bracelet for bridesmaids gift jewellery on Etsy

£4.45+ | See more details or buy here

Charm bracelet

This Charm bracelet is an extremely affordable gift idea to propose to your bridesmaids.

£5.99 | See more details or buy here

Silver earrings

siler earrings from bridesmaids jewellery gift from Etsy

£12.00 |  See more details or buy here

“Will you be my bridesmaid” card

blush and gold card to ask bridesmaids Etsy

£2.99 | See more details or buy here

Jewelry Bridesmaid gifts

Gold jewelry

This Lime and Salt Etsy shop has so many beautiful pieces of jewelry! We would highly recommend having a look here for your bridesmaids’ gifts. The price range is really affordable and I am pretty sure you might end up with something, too.

Personalized bracelet

A really popular gift is a personalized bracelet or necklace.  It can be the initials of your bridesmaid or something meaningful to both.

personalized jewelry bridesmaid gifts
£26.37 | See more details or buy here

Dainty Earrings

Jewelry gifts are always appreciated so much more, so a pair of Dainty Earrings for your bridesmaid would be the perfect affordable wedding gift!

£24+ | See more details or buy here

Opal jewelry

This Etsy shop based in the UK is one of my favorites for dainty, sweet jewelry I would wear on special occasions, including this pair of Opal jewelry earrings.

See more details or buy here

Pearl necklace

A gorgeous pearl necklace for your bridal party to wear on your wedding day, which probably suits any type of dress.

pearl necklace bridesmaid gifts

£23.95 | See more details

Bridal jewelry

We do try and recommend here bridesmaids’ gift ideas but just could not leave out this stunning Etsy shop we discovered. Emilia Rae Bridal offers a variety of Bridal jewelry, which I think would fit for a bridesmaid just as much. Just look at these earrings! Also, the price is incredible, so we would 10/10 recommend it!

See more details or buy here


We’ve seen bridesmaids receive Hairpins from the bride so many times. Again, Emilia Rae Bridal Etsy shop has the most beautiful and sweet options, we had to add to this list.

hairpin bridesmaid gifts

See more details or buy here

Champagne Rhinestone Hair Pins Set bridesmaids gift

£13.59 | See more details or buy here

Travel jewelry case

How fun to receive a gif that is not only pretty but also practical? These Travel jewelry cases look perfect for a gift and for this price, you probably could add a pair of earrings inside, as well.

bridesmaid gifts travel jewelry box

£20.37 | See more details or buy here

Personalized jewelry case

personalized jewellery box travel case bridesmaid gift

£15.99 | See more details or buy here

Personalized bridal hangers

I don’t think I see many weddings nowadays without a personalized bridal hanger. It is a very sweet touch, both for the bride and for the bridesmaid’s dresses!

personalized bridal hanger bridesmaid gifts

£6.75 | See more details or buy here

All things linen

We see more and more couples investing in linen robes for their bridal party instead of the high street satin ones. It’s just a joy to see the girls walking around in beautiful, quality fabrics. You can tell it’s been made by a small business owner. And the best place to find these types of products is Etsy, of course.

Here are a few Etsy shops we would highly recommend:

Handmade linen robes

The Linen Trove

I admit, out of all these gifts mentioned on the list, a linen robe would be my absolute favorite. IT ticks every single box for me and would make for an ideal bridesmaid gift.

linen bridesmaids robe for wedding gift

£63.32 | See more details or buy here

Man in the Studio

blush bridesmaid robe wedding gift

£119+ | See more details or buy here

Linen Kimono Robe


linen kimono unique bridesmaid gift idea

£144 | See more details or buy here


£39 | See more details or buy here

Linen Pajama set bridesmaid gifts


Ladies are raving about this Etsy shop, and especially about this pajama set. You can clearly see why. Such a gorgeous handmade gift for a friend, which she most likely will treasure for a long time after. A big favorite of ours, too!

unique bridesmaid gift idea linen pajama

£93 | See more details or buy here

Bridesmaids linen dresses

I have seen bridesmaids’ linen dresses on several occasions at weddings and absolutely loved it! They work perfectly for a boho-style wedding, an outdoor event, or something non-traditional.

Two of my all-time favorite Etsy shops for linen dresses and so many other items you will want in your wardrobe:


What a beautiful linen dress! Because these are handmade, you can order in any color you wanted for your wedding day, so it’s definitely worth a look! I would literally order every single item in their Etsy shop, they are all so pretty! Their customers are raving about them, too!

bridesmaid white linen dress

See more details or buy here

Son de Flor 

I’ve known about Son de Flor for quite a while now and their dresses and everything else they make is so beautifully simple and attractive. Truly love this Etsy shop and I could not leave them out of this list.

See more details or buy here

Handmade candles

when you think of a gift for someone, you simply can not go wrong with candles. These are some of our favorite from Etsy, which I am sure you will love, too. Also, their packing and attention to detail are pretty outstanding. What a beautiful gift to receive!

Home Crafted Candle Co

This soy wax candle gift set might be one of the best I found on Etsy. For £15, you get a handmade product, beautifully wrapped, perfect for a bridesmaid gift, I think.

ready made gift box bridesmaid gifts ideas

£15+ | See more details or buy here

Vegan Bunny Co

soy candle bridesmaid gifts ideas etsy

See more details or buy here


personalised candles for thank you gifts after wedding day

£12.99 | See more details or buy here

Embers and Roots

bridesmaid gifts

£31+ | See more details or buy here

Personalized pocket mirror

Compact mirror

personalized pocket mirror bridesmaid gifts ideas

£8 | See more details or buy here

Personalized water bottle

Stainless steel bottle, personalized

£12.00 | See more details or buy here

Makeup bag

Personalized makeup bag

bridesmaid gifts personalised makeup bag

£30 | See more details or buy here

Personalized handmade velvet bag

best bridesmaid gifts

£19 | See more details or buy here

Eco-friendly gift kits

If you want to get something really beautiful and show that you put a ton of thought into it, ready-made gift kits are perfect! You can get a set of carefully put-together products everyone will love!

Makeup Remover Kit

A makeup Remover Kit that is also eco-friendly?? Yes, please!!

£22 | See more details or buy here

Eco-Friendly pamper box

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, I had to mention this beautiful Eco-Friendly pamper box.

eco-friendly spa box bridesmaid gifts

£18 | See more details or buy here

Personalized gift box

If you’re wondering what to put in a bridesmaids box, this should definitely give you some really good ideas!

personalized bridesmaid gifts box lotions

£22.99 | See more details or buy here

Spa pamper box

If none of the above are what you wanted, this Spa pamper box might thick all the boxes. Extremely practical, sweet and I doubt anyone would not appreciate it! This is definitely a more unique gift idea for your bridesmaids, but one of the best ones, too!

£35 | See more details or buy here

Personalized bridesmaid gifts proposal box

Another lovely idea for a custom-made proposal box. So much attention to details, all done for you, for a great price, too!

Personalised bridesmaid gifts Proposal Box

£20 | See details or buy here

Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts Box

£15.97 | See more details or buy here

Fair-trade coffee

Did you even know you can get fair-trade coffee off Etsy? Of course, while you’re at it, you can also find the perfect ceramic cup, spoons, the whole set really. But coffee beans? Why not? If your bridal party is really passionate about their coffee, what better gift than something they already love!

Coffee beans

£6.90+ | See more details or buy here

Hope this list of bridesmaid gifts gave you tons of unique ideas for your own wedding!

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Happy Wedding Planning! 

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