Ethically Made Wear Your Love Wedding Dress , Harvest Moon Wedding Scotland

Ethically Made Wedding Dress for a Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland

This is the year of ethical living and ethical education for me. I want to learn and also to share more about all things ethically made. Change starts with each of us. 

What better way to start than to share the wedding of a bride who is truly passionate about ethically made lifestyle? Amy tried to organise her entire event around this (even had party disposable eco cups for drinks, how considerate is that?! )

The bride is wearing a stunning ethically made wedding dress by Wear Your Love.
I had to share a few lines from their website , actually, because they describe Amy so well, I believe “ .. the Wear Your Love bride embodies effortless beauty and femininity, in a classic and understated way.  She wants all of the romance, and all of the joy of getting married, without compromising her individual style or her comfort. We see the Wear Your Love bride as a laid-back natural beauty with incandescent poise, and of course, a free spirit. “

She organised not one but a three days wedding celebration with loads of fun activities for everyone to get involved in! Here’s Part 1 of their three days wedding event in beautiful Scotland! And what better location to bring your families and friends from Australia, London and other parts of the world than at Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland? Surrounded by farmlands, the sea and the forests, this location was a dream!

The marquee for the wedding was set up meters away from the wild sea roaring in the background, guests got to sleep in tree houses and glamping tents!

Obviously it had to be an outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by mesmerising pine trees and a carpet of wild mushrooms like I’ve never seen before! It’s hard to describe my excitement during this moments! It was the most perfect weather for an outdoor wedding in Scotland!

One of Amy’s big dreams on her bucket list was to be part of a flash mob! Little did she know that her friends had actually sneakily planned one on her wedding day! Bruno Mars made everyone dance and have the best time whilst Amy immediately joined in dancing on Uptown Funk!  That’s after she got over the shock, of course!

It was a crazy , whirlwind wedding weekend and we’d do it again, in a heart beat! Hope you enjoy this moments as much as we loved living them!

Star wedding vendors involved:
The Big Blu for the pizza night
Spitfire Spit Roasts for the hog roast
Harvest Moon – Scotland wedding venue
wedding Flowers – Briar Rose Flowers 
make up – Kate Elliot-Muir and then also had Melanie Herriot to help with bridesmaids
ethical wedding dress- Wear Your Love 
bridesmaid dresses – BHLDN
groomsmen suits- ASOS
band – The Premonitions
Scotland wedding photographer- Green Antlers Photography 


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