Dear 2016,

Here you’ve come at last and I find myself on the couch of our little nest, writing an open letter to you. I’m glad you’re here now. It’s good to stop, clean the house and the mind of unnecessary stuff and start fresh. Or better said, start from where you left things at.

You know me well by now, so I could not have stepped in this New Year, without making a few lists to keep me on track. You’ve been so good to us, 2015, and my heart is grateful. I look back and I’m in awe of all the blessings we’ve received.
As I’m in the train on the long way home from the airport, I look out the window and thoughts overwhelm me. I quickly grab my phone and start writing down these things my heart whispers.

The challenge for this year is to live with enough.
To invest my time wisely, not to waste it foolishly.
To master the art of slowing down.
To make more time for the things I truly love.
To look out the window more.
To be more spontaneous.
To not complain.
To prioritise my time with Him.
To know when to stop.
To not be afraid to make new friends.
To go out and explore.
To go to the forest more often.
To discover and push myself even more.
To be present.
To take photos of strangers.

I don’t want to pressure myself this year into doing stuff constantly, but to give myself time and rest. Quality time has become a gift and this year, I plan on sticking to my list, 2016.

I can’t wait for all the New in our lives. Thank you, 2016.