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Cotswolds Portrait Photographer


What an absolute dream to be Cotswolds portrait photographers. Two years in, I still can’t believe where we live and the places we get to have on our doorstep.

When we get the chance to also photograph beautiful couples in this area, it gets even more exciting! We love the tradition some countries have, particularly in Asia, when they get to travel abroad before their wedding and have an engagement or pre-wedding portrait session. After their photo shoot with a portrait photographer, they later use the images for a slideshow that plays throughout their wedding and also for large prints at the reception.

It’s been several times now that we had the opportunity to meet couples from all around the world and be their Cotswolds portrait photographer. I particularly remember the pre-wedding photo session I did with Amy and Poe around Broadway Village and Broadway Tower later on.

For this Cotswolds portrait session, we had plenty of hours booked and also mapped out 4 locations beforehand:

Broadway Village Pre-Wedding Portrait Shoot
Dover Hill Pre-Wedding Portrait Session
Lavender Hills photo session
Chipping Campden photography

To see more Cotswolds photo shoots by a professional Cotswolds portrait photographer, check this link. For our full list of 15 Cotswolds hidden gems and photo shoot locations, go on the blog and just pick your favourites.

And don’t forget, if you’re ever planning a visit to the Cotswolds, having a photo session is always a good idea!

Cotswolds portrait photographer


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