Cotswolds Countryside Engagement Session | Rachel + Ian

An Inspiring and Fun Cotswolds Countryside Engagement Session

Love should make you feel safe. Like the child who runs in the arms of his parents after he’s been hurt. That’s how I felt Ian’s love for Rachel is.

We met this couple couple of years back as we were sat at the same table during a wedding and we had a few minutes to talk. Ian works for Google so I was immediately fascinated and Rachel has the most wonderful sense of humour and pure joy I’ve see in ages! When they got in touch to shoot their wedding I was so excited as I remembered exactly who they were!

Both having really busy jobs in London area, they loved the idea of spending a weekend in the Cotswolds countryside!  We got to spend an afternoon drinking tea, chatting about weddings and having the best time! The light was so kind to us as a golden Sunset appeared over the Cotswolds hills. One of my new favourite views.

I was amazed how raw and open they both were, from the very beginning. Because of that, we got some of my favourite, intimate shots. Their love for one another is so deep and inspiring and almost childlike!
Guys, I hope this images will forever remind you of how beautiful your love is! So honoured to have shot this Cotswolds countryside engagement session and I am looking forward to shooting their wedding, pretty soon!

If you like this view as much as I do, you can plan a trip to Broadway Tower for a day out and a wonderful lunch at their cafe!

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