Each culture has different traditions and some interesting trends at weddings. Some come and go, but it seems like the confetti wedding pictures are always a favourite for everyone. The reactions you get during these moments are absolutely priceless.

Some couples opt for bubbles as confetti alternative, which is quite an effective way of having mess-free confetti wedding pictures, especially if the church or venue has rules against that. I, for one, believe it’s a great idea, mostly because it keeps both hands of the guests busy, so there’s rarely an iPhone sticking out and that is never a bad thing.
On other occasions, we’ve had guests throwing lavender or small rose petals for the confetti send-off. They do seem a bit small and quite a pain when it comes to taking them out of the carefully made bride’s hairdo or the wedding dress’ cleavage, for that matter, but fun for photos, nevertheless.

One of my personal favourites are the big confetti that you can get, which helps create really beautiful photos, as they’re visible enough and also won’t get stuck anywhere that’s not… well, allowed. If you can throw in a kiss or maybe a dog or two (not literally, of course), you’ve got yourself some memorable confetti wedding pictures.

No matter what you decide to use for your send-off, just know that confetti is always a good idea. Whether you have all of your guests participating or just your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s a moment that’s worth capturing.

Here’s some of my favourite confetti wedding pictures we’ve taken so far.confetti-wedding-pictures_green-antlers-photography_0010London wedding photographerBig Wedding confetti ideasfun reaction of bride and groom during their send-off with guests throwing paper confetti London photographerbride and groom walking through the rose petals confetti after ceremonyginger bride and groom walking straight into confetti after wedding ceremonyboho bride and groom confetti photos in the forestconfetti photo from behind with ginger bride with groom walking bride and groom after wedding ceremony, walking through the confettiConfetti Wedding Pictures Ideas London creative photographerbride and groom for their confetti send-off after their church wedding ceremony bride and groom walking with their dogs for their confetti wedding pictures bride and groom with dogs walk through the confettibeautiful bride and groom walking for their confetti wedding pictures through the crowd bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen throwing confetti black and white image of groomsmen and bridesmaids throwing confetti at the bride and groom bride and groom laughing as people throw confetti rose petals at them bride and groom walking towards the car with people throwing rose petals confetti at thembride and groom from behind as they walk through rose petals confetti confetti in the air over bridesmaids at Shoreditch weddingbridesmaids dressed in navy blue throwing confetti on the bride and groom whilst standing on the churches stairs

Photographer: Green Antlers Photography