Handmade Client Gifts Ideas // London Wedding Photographers

Who knows me well, should know my love language is gifts (hint!). Even more, client gifts get me so excited because I get to share a little part of our hearts with others.

We do tend to let ourselves caught into every day’s To Do list and things never seem to end, so being a freelancer, you rarely get time for many other things on the side. Our plan for next year though, is to make more time for all the little or big ideas we always have, but get neglected sadly and to be more proactive into actually making time for having fun and getting a sort of balanced life. Let’s see how that goes.

As some of you may know, we are so passionate about foraging and whenever we discover something exciting to make or eat, we don’t stop talking about that. Like that one time we learned Pine needles are actually edible and also very good for you, so we started incorporating them into all sorts of foods. But nothing like the Pine Salt we use on stakes or some oven dishes.

We do have a different wedding package we give our clients after each of the weddings, which includes a flash drive and some prints, but more on that for another blog post. It keeps on changing usually, but we’re keen on trying something new for next year, so stay posted!

This time, we just wanted to thank a handful of our clients who forever talk about us, sharing their wedding images or recommending us left and right. We know about them and what better time to thank your clients than now? Our business would not be growing the way it is, if it wasn’t for those who believe in us.

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So 254 images later, we made this fun video for you, to inspire others into finding new and exciting ways of wowing your clients. It most probably won’t be the same next time we decide to send off some gifts, as we are always inspired by our travels, the people we meet and it will always change. I guess that’s what excites me most about our business, the changes constantly happening.

Client gifts ideas for wedding photographers | Pine salt from Green Antlers Photography on Vimeo.

London wedding photographers, Green Antlers Photography share their client gifts ideas for 2015 clients, creating a short video of the making of the package.

The client gift includes:
Paperchase box
Homemade pine sea salt
Organic soap from our trip to Nepal
Pair of handmade earrings from Kathmandu
Ferrero Chocolate
A handwritten card

Music: “Fernweh Shore” by Zach Winters (The Music Bed)

Art director/Editor/ Hands of Diana from Green Antlers Photography
Special thanks to Sam for pressing the shutter and helping cutting the pine needles, too!
Shot in our living room, on a Saturday afternoon, on a cloudy December day.