Children wedding favors ideas

Wedding planning is fun but includes so many small details. Like who sits next to who at the table. Is it a kid-friendly event? Is the space big enough for kids to run around? Should you have a separate kids’ table? And the question we are answering right now, what children wedding favors should you get?!


Children wedding favors ideas


Now that you know you want to have children wedding favor bags, let’s answer few more questions.

  1. How many children do you have on the list?
  2. What are their ages?
  3. Any babies?
  4. Does the venue have high seats?
  5. Are the older children old enough to have a separate kids’ table? Their parents will forever be grateful for this!
  6. Can you afford a kids entertainer? You don’t have to, but it’s an idea.
  7. What sort of items do you want to include in their party bag?
  8. What’s your budget per child?
  9. Need some budget-friendly ideas for kids wedding party bags?

bucket of toys and treats as gift for children wedding favors
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Children wedding favors party bag ideas of Amazon



Sweets in jar/ party paper bags/ animal paper box

The best idea would be to get a set and start making a party box for each child. You can find ready-made sweets in a jar on Amazon or a set of party paper bags or, for a fun twist, an animal paper box.


You can either DIY some name tags or just get sweet paper label stickers which you can also use for gifts. Don’t forget you may want to have bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts or parents gifts.


No matter how many cakes are around, a treats box is a must for children wedding favors ideas.
Here are some of my favorite ideas and the most popular things we see at weddings.

Kinder chocolates / lollipops / pop-corn/ Gummy bears pack

To save some money, simply get a pack of each and set aside one for each child.


No kid’s party bag is complete without bubbles. There are so many different types you could get so just get a set and have one for each, again.


How fun are balloons, right? You could either hire a kids entertainer who does animal-shaped balloons or order a set of any type of balloons and divide for each child.

Coloring set

You may have children who are very much into drawing so get a few sets of coloring crayons and a boys coloring book / girls coloring book. It’s a very inexpensive way of keeping kids busy and parents breathe for a bit.

Activity book

You could also get some activity books if you have older children present (but not too old, they’re probably more interested in their phones).

Water Magic Book

This is one I swear by, as my one-year-old absolutely loves it! It’s basically a coloring book where colors appear when you add water. I personally believe it’s best for much younger kids, not older ones. You can find it on Amazon and get a few, they’re really affordable. These are reusable, so the parents can take this on trips and reuse it for quite a while! Highly recommend!

Small cars

A sweet idea to add to your children’s party box is to get a set of racing cars for boys. They usually come in a set of 4 or 6 so you can easily have one or 2 for each boy.

Dolls for girls

We mustn’t forget the girls. If you know you have a few girly girls, they would be over the moon to receive a small doll in their wedding party bag!

Nail polish

Going with the same vibe, another little fun item off Amazon you can add to your wedding favor box is some kids’ nail polish. With sparklers, of course.

Stuffed toy

If you’re not into getting lots of small different things, why don’t you just get a stuffed toy, and I bet kids would be just as happy. There are really cute sets of toys you could get and simply give one to each kid.


One of the most popular items we see in the wedding party box for kids is playdough, for sure. They usually come in a set when you buy off Amazon so get one set of playdough and have one for each kid.


Another thing that’s really popular at weddings is a small lego set. There are sets for boys and sets for girls if you wish. There are so many options online so think of their age group and see how much you’re willing to spend.

Reusable sticker pads

This is such a great idea! It’s basically an activity book with stickers. It’s also reusable! And super affordable! We would definitely recommend the reusable sticker pads for slightly older kids!


If you are the sentimental type and you like to keep all sorts of memories, get a card-making set for the party bag. Ask the parents to help the children make a card for the bride and groom! It keeps them busy and you get a keepsake, too!

Face masks

How cute would it be to see children running around wearing animal face masks! If the venue is large enough and has a designated play area, this is such a sweet and cheap idea for the party bag.

Small balls

A fun idea to add to your wedding party bag are squidgy balls. Just get a set to divide. These are particularly great if the kids are quite active and can’t sit still for too long. They’re also fun to play with/ throw around without causing any accidents.

Temporary tattoos for kids

I am sure we can all remember being kids and having temporary tattoos. What a thrill, right? Well, this is a really affordable way to add some more fun things to the party bag!

Watercolor temporary tattoos

The moment I saw these watercolor temporary tattoo stickers, I was sold! They are so pretty and so perfect for a wedding party!


There you have it! So many ideas to keep kids entertained at the wedding! Most of them are truly really affordable! I am sure you can easily make a pack to fit your own budget for the ages you have present at the wedding.

Don’t forget, you can always have a kids entertainer hired (if budget allows)! You will be forever remembered by those parents!


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