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Petersham Nurseries | London Life

I'll let you in on a little secret. I have a hard time coping with big cities. Take me to a forest and leave me there and I'll jump with excitement. I even had dreams of having to survive on a remote island... Yes, I know I live in London but that does not mean I am out in the city every day, walking on Southbank, going to cafés and shopping on Oxford street. No, no, [...]

Peak District Weekend Away |Travel Diary

Have you ever been to Peak District being absolutely certain it is actually Lake District you're going to visit? Goooood, me neither. It was just before bed time when we both use as few words as possible to communicate, that we received an invitation to go on a weekend away to Peak District National Park. Laura and Daniel, our friends whose bohemian style wedding we [...]

Nepal Earthquake in 2015| Travel diary

Nepal Earthquake in 2015 // The Aftermath I must admit it has taken me a bit long to write this article about the Nepal earthquake in 2015. There are good reasons for this but I am so happy to share with you some photographs we took while in Nepal and the earthquake aftermath in 2015. The world as we see it is beautiful but it sometimes suffers. As it happened with [...]

City Guide: ISTANBUL | Travel Diary

Istanbul City Guide // Destination Wedding Photographer We're travellers. Born to be nomads. It's so liberating to have no schedules, meetings or deadlines. You can just be and experience something completely out of the ordinary. Whilst traveling, I believe it only deepens the experience if you meet strangers, locals to that new place and find bridges to connect at [...]

City Guide: Transylvania | Travel Diary

Transylvania City Guide: Sibiu + Sighisoara | Destination Wedding Photographer Lush landscapes and peaks coming out of the clouds, surrounding the old, medieval cities with the embrace of their hills. Deep forests. Never ending wheat fields. People resting on an old bench in front of their house, after a long day of work and talking to passers-by, goats munching gras[...]

City Guide: HELSINKI | Travel Diary

Helsinki City Guide | Helsinki Wedding Photographer Don't you sometimes feel like all that photographers do is travel, drink coffee, meet up with cool people and shoot magazine worthy portraits and weddings? Well, it is actually so far from the truth. At least for the majority out there. Yes, they do travel and spend long hours in airports or dirty trains, unwash[...]

City guide: Annecy, France | Travel Diary

Annecy France City Guide | Annecy Wedding Photographer I travel a lot. Mostly through other people's eyes. But when I do get to go to places like Annecy in France, I want to remember the moments, the sun, the clouds in the sky, the old windows and the people smiling back to my broken French. It has been a while since I took this trip with 4 lovely girls, but it's nev[...]

Paris is always a good idea | Travel Diary

City Guide of Paris France | Paris Wedding Photographer If there is anything I would do as a full time job, that's traveling the world. I could write that in my CV- Profession: Explorer. Every single town and hidden village there is, I want to see it and eat their food. A tip, if you don't want to break the bank to do that, Airbnb is the place to go for. You end u[...]