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Christmas Resolutions

Many of us make New Years Resolutions but what about Christmas resolutions? As I was washing dishes, I suddenly got all sorts of thoughts about the holidays fast approaching and realised I didn't quite have a plan of where to go, what to do, what Christmas gifts to buy. I was so caught up in the busy life we have day to day, but I didn't manage to plan so far ahead[...]

The Art of Slow Living | Foraged Tea

Foraging Tea and Childhood Memories // The Art of Slow Living I remember being around 5 or 6 when my grandma used to take me out to the fields and the forest around town, to do some foraging. She had probably learned this from her mother and was passing on the knowledge to me. From stinging nettles in the Winter to picking up watercress in the Spring or collecting[...]

London Photo Shoot Location Ideas | Hidden Gems

I've been itching to write this blog post about London's hidden gems and my favourite photo shoot locations for far too long. It started in my mind when I was searching for different places to go shooting with our couples. Although London is absolutely beautiful and there's so many things to see and visit, I could not find a good, clear article about locations for a [...]

The Art of Slow Living | Artisan Bread

I find myself mixing flour, yeast, water and salt like a novice. Touching the soft, sticky dough with my bare hands feels very therapeutic. It makes me smile. As I work the dough, my thoughts drift, and along the way, I realised something; are you ready for it? Few things capture the essence of slow living quite as perfectly as making artisan bread: You can't ch[...]

The Art of Slow Living | A Series

''To create is to be fully human.'' E. R. McManus | The Artisan Soul After all, when you live in London, there is no time for this, right? No time for sitting and for dreaming. No time for stopping and for just taking some time to not do anything, whatever it may be. To have a place where you can turn off any technology, to have sufficient light and green in your lif[...]

Dear 2016 | Personal Diary

Dear 2016, Here you've come at last and I find myself on the couch of our little nest, writing an open letter to you. I'm glad you're here now. It's good to stop, clean the house and the mind of unnecessary stuff and start fresh. Or better said, start from where you left things at. You know me well by now, so I could not have stepped in this New Year, without ma[...]

Film is not dead

Film Is Not dead // Says a London Wedding Photographer It was August, Summer time. We were very lucky to be in Norway, photographing a beautiful barn wedding. But it was more than the wedding day. It was also Sam's 28th Summer in this world, and boy, am I happy to see him bloom each year, more and more. The couple had a Fuji Instafix for their photo booth and during[...]

Being free | Personal diary

It's that time again for a personal blog post. Because at the end of the day, when the curtain falls, we're all, merely humans. Recently, I got my hands on a fantastic book and I do recommend you read. It is called "Scary Close", by Donald Miller. It's a very easy read, but once you go through it, there's a lot of things that trigger memories and makes you stop on th[...]